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CAF OUTCAN digital portal

WithYouWithMe is assisting the Canadian Armed Forces by building a scalable digital portal for out of country staff to deliver high quality and timely administrative support to deployed members and their families.

Digital transformation in the military – aspiration or substance?

The days when military innovation led the way in technical progress are a distant memory. Today the most brilliant minds, the greatest unfettered entrepreneurial zeal and the big bucks to imagine and drive the pace of change generally lie elsewhere.

Overcoming tech challenges in remote and hybrid working models

A clear by-product of the pandemic is the increased reliance we now have on technology to communicate, stay connected, and work remotely.

Why we must tackle the digital skills crisis with ferocity

As an Australian spending an extended period in Canada, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the economic optimism I’ve found here.

Streamlining migration for Ukrainian refugees

WithYouWithMe and Aman Lara worked together to develop a user-friendly application that assists Ukrainian refugees with their applications to resettle in Canada.

Bridging the gap between developer and end user

WithYouWithMe recently partnered with several FVEY military organizations to build out their in-house digital capabilities to empower teams to ideate and build technology solutions that meet their evolving needs.

Are defence digital capabilities at risk of being outdated?

There is a clear link between Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an act that has transformed Europe’s security architecture, and the urgency with which we should be embracing new technologies and building our digital armies.

The character of the modern battlefield and role of the digital warrior

Most of us are seduced to some degree by the lure and potential of ground-breaking technology. It excites and promises a bridge from the fictional possibilities portrayed in films into our lives.

5 steps for engaging Digital Natives with the modern military

There are thousands of digital natives (individuals who have grown up with and are very comfortable with technology) looking for employment, and yet we find it unendingly difficult to recruit them into the military.

Why Australia’s Defence Force needs a digital insurgency

If the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is to keep pace with modern practices and digitally transform its operations, it will require an insurgency from within.

Reflections on leaving the military – the digital challenge

Leaving the military 35 years after entering the gates of Sandhurst for the first time offers the chance to pause to reflect. The world has changed immeasurably in that time, and the military profession and character of war have revolutionised in parallel.

The future fight and the need for militaries to build out their digital armies

The skills gap and how to fix it is clearly a global challenge, with organisations big and small re-thinking their talent strategies.

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