Digital adoption

Great talent is never in shortage when effective continuous learning stays ahead of evolving skill requirements. We all know training is important, but too few provide training that is practical or remains relevant. We strive to move as fast as technology evolves and ensure that every person and organisation has the digital capabilities required to thrive.

From classroom to coding: the school program paving the way to tech careers

WithYouWithMe joined Future Skills Organisation (FSO) to conduct the NSW Schools Digital Careers Trial to inspire Australian high school students to consider a career in tech.

PNG's DICT expands cyber capabilities with training event in Port Moresby

The event – run by PNG’s National Cyber Security Centre – saw representatives from WithYouWithMe travel to Port Moresby to facilitate cyber security training for Government and State-owned Enterprise employees.

Why Australia’s recruitment process needs an overhaul

A diverse and inclusive workplace embraces different lifestyles and backgrounds, fosters leadership and creativity at every level of the organisation, and brings on board the most well-suited talent for its roles.

SFIA: A framework for the future-proof digital workforce

Solution Architect Andy Choquette explores how WYWM’s services and upskilling programs work alongside the internationally recognised Skills for the Information Age (SFIA) framework.

Why Defence needs to think more like a start up

The invasion of Ukraine demonstrates how possible global threats are on any shore. While a globalised economy has many benefits, it does not mean harmony endures between nations — not everyone will always follow the same rule book.

Raising a Cyber Force

WithYouWithMe partners with government agencies to deliver SaaS frameworks that build advanced cyber capabilities. By building, training and deploying a Cyber Force, we ensure nations are equipped to provide defensive and offensive responses to cyber security threats.

Digital skills and talent: the hard truth

Innovative cultures are misunderstood. The easy-to-like behaviours that get so much attention are only one side of the coin. They must be counter-balanced by some tougher and frankly less fun behaviours.

Why does Defence make it so hard for tech start-ups to help them?

One of the best things about transitioning to a fresh career is the opportunity to talk to and learn from lots of new people.

Overcoming tech challenges in remote and hybrid working models

A clear by-product of the pandemic is the increased reliance we now have on technology to communicate, stay connected, and work remotely.

The character of the modern battlefield and role of the digital warrior

Most of us are seduced to some degree by the lure and potential of ground-breaking technology. It excites and promises a bridge from the fictional possibilities portrayed in films into our lives.

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