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Uncover hidden potential

WithYouWithMe’s world-leading, evidence-based assessments are backed by a wide body of scientific research into personality, aptitude and intelligence. Potential’s unique algorithm analyses results to provide a repeatable, data-led approach to evaluating candidates.

Drawing on globally recognised aptitude research and psychometric assessment processes like DISC and Big 5, Potential reveals actionable insights to identify and develop human capability.

The science behind Potential

Our talent assessments provide insights across five key areas.

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Identify innate cognitive ability, crystalised vs. fluid intelligence and propensity for high level problem-solving.
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Big 5

Create a comprehensive personality profile to identify behavioural expectations and predict job performance.
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Measure candidates' favoured behavioural style, uncover leadership potential and predict cultural assimilation.
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Learning style

Discover individual learning preferences for absorbing and memorising new information.
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Remove the guesswork around having the right mix of personalities in your people and creativity in your team.

A new type of talent assessment

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Showcase those skills

Our talent assessment tools help to match existing employees and potential hires to career and training pathways that they are naturally geared to succeed at.

This training can then culminate in a Capstone project, a technical demonstration providing solid proof of the skills they have achieved - all aligned with SFIA.

Why we use a talent assessment framework over a CV

Our talent assessment platform is built on the enduring military premise that individuals with potential can be identified and given targeted development plans to achieve job readiness. WithYouWithMe’s approach strips away the traditional reliance on CVs, past experience and conventional qualifications, focusing instead on an individual's unique skills and abilities.
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Removes cognitive bias inherent in traditional hiring practices, unearthing top talent

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Fit-to-role is measured by natural aptitude, skills and personality type rather than previous experience or outmoded credentials

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Enables career development and talent mobility based on existing skills and future potential

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Organisations can hire based on workplace or team culture fit

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Allows for repeatable, data-driven recruitment processes

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Diverse talent is offered equal access to opportunity

Heading about credability...

Development and use of aptitude tests on the Potential platform is guided by ‘The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing’ published jointly by the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, and National Council on Measurement in Education, as well as the ‘Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures’ published by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
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We design talent development solutions that match specific workforce needs

The choice is yours

Grow Potential

Grow Potential enables you to identify and fill skills gaps both now and into the future by finding and nurturing talent within your existing workforce.
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Skills map your workforce
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Uncover latent talent
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Transform L&D programs to engage employees and address skills gaps
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Build career pathways for employees based on potential
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Enable talent mobility
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Discover Potential

Discover Potential empowers you to find, train and deploy diverse digital talent across your workforce.
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Find candidates from untapped talent pools
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Predict performance, skills, role and team suitability
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Increase workforce diversity
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Recruit skilled talent or hire on culture fit and train for rapid deployment
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Make a positive social impact
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