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  • Pablo Quintana
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    Ex-RAN now PEGA legend
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    After leaving the Royal Australian Navy, I found it difficult to adapt to anything new. I went from being a cook in a cafe to a janitor and was even considering working at a fast-food restaurant. None of my skills at the time felt transferable. That changed when I found WithYouWithMe and heard about their partnership with Pega.

    I couldn’t believe I’d get paid to learn and upskill in their low-code platform, and then be offered a job at the end of the training straight away, it almost seemed too good to be true.
  • David Attwood
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    From RAF to Accenture as a PEGA junior developer
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    It is 100% daunting having to prepare your resume post service to give to employers. My resume was completely based on my experiences as a Royal Airforce (RAF) Specialist. My resume did list my skills, but I found employers wanted relevant work experience.

    I lacked the technical expertise I knew I needed to get a job in IT. I was uncertain about finding a job while finding time and money to pay for training. I was anxious about the future. The WithYouWithMe aptitude test showed me my strengths. The test results indicated that a career in low code would be a great match for my personal skillset. Through the support of WithYouWithMe, I transitioned from my position with the RAF and into a role as a PEGA junior developer for Accenture UK.
  • Samantha Gillison
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    From UK Met Police to Northrop Grumman as a full stack developer
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    I worked as a UK Met Police officer for almost 7 years. At the age of 24, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. This diagnosis was unexpected and changed my life. Astriid, a disability employment NFP, referred me to WithYouWithMe and assured me that they would help me find a job that offered a healthy work/life balance.

    I signed up to look for work on WithYouWithMe's Potential platform and completed their psychometric and aptitude tests. They accurately predicted both my personality and my preferred learning methods and allowed me to explain this easily in job interviews. After completing my digital skills training, Northrop Grumman UK employed me as a Full Stack JavaScript Developer.

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