Our veteran employment program creates pathways for ex-service members to find meaningful careers.

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WithYouWithMe was founded in 2015, intent on solving the problem of veteran underemployment.

Our Co-founder Tom Moore, an Infantry Platoon Commander who served in Afghanistan, was medically discharged and like many other veterans he struggled to find employment opportunities. Meet Tom here.

Having lost too many military friends who struggled with reintegration to civilian life and work, Tom set out to help veterans as they transition. He decided if the military can use aptitude testing and training to get ordinary people doing extraordinary things, so too can other organisations.

WithYouWithMe know that veterans are skilled at becoming proficient at speed to keep up with enemy capabilities, and WithYouWithMe have harnessed this ability and applied it to assist veterans to rapidly upskill in technology careers.

With our training, veterans can overcome traditional barriers to employment and break into high-paying, high-demand tech roles with free role matching, tech training and job placement.
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How our veteran program works

The first step is to take our online self-paced assessments, which will generate a comprehensive report covering your unique skills, aptitude, preferred learning style and ideal cultural fit.

From there, we’ll recommend some high-demand tech roles you would naturally excel at – and give you access to our free, industry accredited training.

Finally, we have a global network of like-minded partners who are looking to employ veteran talent just like you into their teams – and we’ll guide you through this process.
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WithYouWithMe is a Global Accredited Partner of the SFIA Foundation

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Foundation produces the industry-recognised global skills and competency framework for the digital world. It defines the skills required by business and technology professionals at every level to design, implement, manage and protect data and technology.

Find out more about the SFIA framework →

Meet our veterans

We’ve placed thousands of veterans into work around the world. Here are some of their stories.
  • David Attwood - User success story
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    From RAF to Accenture as a PEGA junior developer
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    It is 100% daunting having to prepare your resume post service to give to employers. My resume was completely based on my experiences as a Royal Airforce (RAF) Specialist. My resume did list my skills, but I found employers wanted relevant work experience.

    I lacked the technical expertise I knew I needed to get a job in IT. I was uncertain about finding a job while finding time to and money to pay for training. I was anxious about the future. The WYWM aptitude test showed me my strengths. The test results indicated that a career in low coding would be a great match for my personal skillset. Through the support of WithYouWithMe, I transitioned from my position with the RAF and into a role as a PEGA junior developer for Accenture UK.
  • Greg Hanniman profile
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    Canadian Armed Forces EOD to Cyber Security
    Greg is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces with leadership and skills that have been leveraged to handle Info-sec threats, construct a Global Security Operations Center, and protect a world-class SaaS company. Greg is effective at preventing cyberattacks on corporate networks. Greg is knowledgeable on future IT trends, developing contingency plans, reviewing suspicious activity, and reporting security breaches. Greg believes that everyone's life experience is different and is passionate about seeking out underrepresented talent by focusing on their potential.
  • Jess Bingham profile
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    Australian Army Artillery Bombardier to Systems Architect
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    I really feel that WYWM gets you ready to enter the industry by training from the basics up. I thought not having any experience it would be a massive blocker, but with WYWM seeing my potential I have been able to find meaningful employment.
  • Jack Passmore profile
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    Royal Navy Pilot to Pre Sales Engineer
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    I was a Royal Navy Pilot. Life was great! I Had a secure job I loved, and a career mapped out that could have taken me up to retirement. I was about to begin training on rotary aircraft before suffering an illness that left me permanently deaf in my left ear. A subsequent medical discharge, which happened within 6 months, meant my plan went out the window and I became incredibly stressed trying to find a new career. When I first heard about WithYouWithMe I was very sceptical. Yet, the more people I spoke to in the company, the more I realised it was a great opportunity that focused on people's potential rather than their experience. I am now thriving as a PreSales Engineer for the Technology and Communications Industry and have never looked back.
  • Pablo Quintana - User success story
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    Ex-RAN now PEGA legend
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    After leaving the Royal Australian Navy, I found it difficult to adapt to anything new. I went from being a cook in a cafe to a janitor and was even considering working at a fast-food restaurant. None of my skills at the time felt transferable. That changed when I found WithYouWithMe and heard about their partnership with Pega.

    I couldn’t believe I’d get paid to learn and upskill in their low-code platform, and then be offered a job at the end of the training straight away, it almost seemed too good to be true.

15,000 Futures

In the UK, we have partnered with government and industry – including Capita, Northrop Grumman, Atos, Fujitsu, Leonard, Leidos, Job Oppo and more – on a drive to have UK employers fill 5% of their open roles with military families or veterans. Watch the video below or learn more.
Ex-Forces in Business winner

Our veteran employment program in action

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WithYouWithMe signs Armed Forces Covenant

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