We believe every workplace gains a competitive advantage by including neurodivergent people and embracing neurodiversity.

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Supporting neurodivergent individuals to thrive

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Individuals with neurological or developmental conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia and ADHD bring diversity of thought, innovative ideas and creative solutions to complex problems. Diverse teams positively impact an organisation’s culture, working environment, productivity and work output. 

At WithYouWithMe we understand everyone has a unique way of experiencing the world and that this can provide a valuable contribution to every workplace. We help neurodivergent individuals overcome traditional barriers to employment and break into high-paying, high-demand tech roles by providing free role matching, tech training and job placement. 

Whether you are new to technology or already a tech professional, our aim is to give you the opportunity to find a career that celebrates your unique abilities.
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How we match neurodiverse talent to tech careers

The first step is to take our online self-paced assessments, which will generate a comprehensive report covering your unique combination of abilities and ideal cultural fit.

From there, we’ll recommend some high-demand tech roles you would naturally excel at – and give you access to our free, industry accredited training.

Finally, we have a global network of like-minded partners who are looking to employ neurodiverse talent just like you into their teams – and we’ll guide you through this process.

If you are ready to see what tech roles await you, sign up to our neurodivergent program.
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WithYouWithMe is a Global Accredited Partner of the SFIA Foundation

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Foundation produces the industry-recognised global skills and competency framework for the digital world. It defines the skills required by business and technology professionals at every level to design, implement, manage and protect data and technology.

Find out more about the SFIA framework →

Our user success stories

Erin Deacon

Meet Erin Deacon

“I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as an adult. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the parts of the brain that help us plan, focus on, and carry out tasks. This diagnosis changed my life. It also uncovered the underlying cause of my speech impediment (Palilalia), which is defined by the involuntary repetition of words and phrases during verbal output.

As a result, I struggled in starting a career. I had a business degree, but I had no one to help me look for work. I needed extra support and guidance, but I didn’t know who to ask or how to ask for it. I struggled with making a good first impression in phone and face-to-face interviews. I knew I wanted to work in digital marketing, but I didn't have experience.

With the assistance of my ADHD Coach, I discovered WithYouWithMe, completed their aptitude assessment, and discovered that I was a creative thinker and that I excelled at digital marketing and project management. When I told WithYouWithMe’s Career Success team about my situation, they made it their mission to find me the necessary marketing work experience. Following my four-month work placement, I was hired as a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist by WithYouWithMe, and I have since expanded my career into other organisations and possibilities.”

Meet Sharon Lewis

“I was diagnosed recently with adult ADHD which helped me to understand some of the challenges I’ve faced through my career. I had always wanted to get into tech but as a single parent I didn’t have the flexibility to be able to attend formal classes at TAFE or uni. And then I came across WithYouWithMe.

All of the things that had previously held me back – like resumes and cover letters – weren’t needed. The team was warm and genuinely helpful. The aptitude and skills assessments were spot on and helped match me to a great entry-level Service Desk Analyst role. I did that role for 10 months before WithYouWithMe found a new opportunity with one of their partners. I still can’t believe I landed my dream job – an Associate Analyst (Operations Support) at Monash University.

“WYWM has changed my life completely. I gained training, support, encouragement and a sense of value and community. I was able to pivot into tech. I would never have been able to do this without the free training and flexibility provided by WYWM. I can’t recommend this organisation and their life-changing program enough.”
Sharon Lewis

Our neurodiversity program in action

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Busting 5 common myths about neurodiversity in the workplace

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Autistic individuals scoring better

Brands Journal

People with autism score 10% higher in key tech capabilities

WithYouWithMe research has found autistic people may hold the key to solving the digital skills crisis, scoring better than the general population in key digital competencies.
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Lessons learned from Autism SA's Inclusive Recruitment Project

Organisations are developing targeted hiring programs to build neuro-inclusive workplaces. It's a step in the right direction, but how can we ensure these programs translate into meaningful careers for neurodivergent individuals?
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How autistic NDIS recipients could solve our cybersecurity skills gap

Autistic NDIS recipients are willing and able to work but fear if they get a job and lose it they will be ineligible for any future financial support from the scheme, a disabled rights activist says.
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Neurodiversity at work: Australia's D&I workforce gap

While tight labour markets are already encouraging businesses to look at untapped talent pools, when it comes to employment of neurodiverse people, Australia has a lot of room for improvement.
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UK skills crisis

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Why you should be hiring more neurodiverse talent

With the digital skills crisis taking over the UK, many talent pools are being overlooked by businesses – including neurodivergent people.
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