Case studies

Our clients are our partners in changing the world for good. Together, we don’t see people as simply resources or a cost of revenue. We see people as assets. High performing individuals and teams that enable genuine business acceleration and growth. Our collection of case studies showcase some of the extraordinary inroads our clients around the world are making in this space every day.

WithYouWithMe and AustCyber team up to grow nationwide cyber capabilities

In partnership with the AustCyber Projects Fund, WithYouWithMe expanded access to it's free cyber training pathway to enable undergraduate students, athletes and parents returning to work to build critical skills and join the cyber workforce.

Diversity and inclusion powers Leonardo’s expanded cyber capability

Leonardo has embarked on a programme to expand its cyber capability through a skills-led approach, drawing on the unique abilities of diverse candidates to tackle ever-evolving threats.

Monash University defines the modern IT team with diversity

Find out how Monash University teamed up with WithYouWithMe to fill digital skills gaps in their Cyber Risk and Resilience team with diverse IT talent.

The first step towards true talent mobility

As part of an enterprise engagement with a global leader in Defence and Security, WYWM have built an organisation-wide skills and competency framework capable of enabling true talent mobility.

Australian consulting firm develops robust cyber capability from within

A world-leading consulting solutions provider sought to grow its cyber capabilities - but rather than hiring externally, they looked inward to identify individuals with the potential to excel at cyber and upskilled their workforce.

Fujitsu unearths quiet talent and boosts internal hires by 12%

With a firm goal of achieving 50% internal hires for open roles, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand is looking inward to uncover talent hidden and train individuals to tackle in-demand roles.

Fujitsu draws on untapped talent pools to help bridge the digital divide

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand is building a pipeline of diverse digital talent to address their skills gaps, drive digital transformation and ensure the organisation is prepared for the future.

Establishing digital literacy across government health systems

Learn how a key North American government health agency partnered with WYWM to undertake an innovative digital literacy program to enable employees to take full advantage of available technologies.

Deploying Super Teams with EY and Capita

WithYouWithMe has special partnerships in place with a number of the world's leading advisory and consulting firms to offer organisations access to 'Super Teams' to deliver large and complex technology projects to Defence and Government.

Building robust cyber capabilities from the ground up

As part of Australia’s commitment to security in the Pacific, DFAT partnered with WithYouWithMe to assist the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Government to establish a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Atos puts diversity at the heart of recruitment efforts

Atos has partnered with WithYouWithMe to fix their digital skills gap by hiring diverse tech talent into their organisation. The new recruits all come from under-represented parts of society, and have been carefully selected using WYWM’s technology platform, Potential.

Northrop Grumman finds diverse new talent to help fill its digital skills gap

Northrop Grumman is deploying a proactive and creative new approach to bringing talent on board its growing business, amidst the challenging backdrop of a digital skills shortage in the market. 

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