WithYouWithMe’s Youth Program empowers young people to secure high-paying, high-demand tech roles.

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WithYouWithMe’s Youth Program empowers young people (16 – 25 years) to secure high-paying, high-demand tech roles by providing free role matching, tech training and job placement.

Many young people are discouraged from entering the workforce as they lack the ‘experience’ required for entry-level roles or don’t have a university degree.

We believe in potential over experience – and as ‘digital natives’, young people have a natural propensity to excel in tech careers. In fact, our research shows that more than 80% of Gen Z individuals have above average tech skills before undergoing any training.

If you’re a young person looking to break into the tech sector, sign up to our Youth Program today. We’ll match you to your ideal tech career and give you free access to our free globally-recognised training. In around 150 hours, you’ll be fully certified and have the opportunity to step into a high-paying role with our clients and partners – which include many of the world’s leading employers.
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We know landing your first tech role can be daunting – and are here to guide you to make the process easy and stress free.

The first step is to take our online self-paced assessments, which will generate a comprehensive report covering your unique skills, aptitude, preferred learning style and ideal cultural fit.

From there, we’ll recommend the high-demand tech roles you’re best suited to – and your training begins. Everything is self-paced and you can expect to receive certification in around 150 hours.

Once you’ve completed your training, a member of our Career Success team will be in touch to take you through available opportunities and help you prep for interviews. No resume required!

If you are ready to see what tech roles await you, sign up to our Youth Program today.
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WithYouWithMe is a Global Accredited Partner of the SFIA Foundation

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Foundation produces the industry-recognised global skills and competency framework for the digital world. It defines the skills required by business and technology professionals at every level to design, implement, manage and protect data and technology.

Find out more about the SFIA framework →

See our program in action

Classroom to coding blog card image


From classroom to coding: the school program paving the way to tech careers

WithYouWithMe joined Future Skills Organisation (FSO) to conduct the NSW Schools Digital Careers Trial to inspire Australian high school students to consider a career in tech.

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Education Today article - Tech career pathway

Education Today

Starting on a tech career pathway in high school

The shortfall in tech workers is a cause for concern and part of a solution might be to start identifying students with particular aptitudes in the very wide and varied tech field during high school using WithYouWithMe's assessment suite.

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New GED partnership set to boost study with innovative learning insights

More than 700,000 US students who take the GED each year will soon have access to powerful learning insights, thanks to a new initiative aimed at improving student outcomes.

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Today Show - Tech Job Boom video

the today show

Creating career pathways for teens to tackle the nation's digital skills gaps

WithYouWithMe Social Impact Lead, Alicia Kouparitsas unpacks the new tech apprenticeship model being piloted in Australian schools to help students enter the fast-paced tech sector straight out of high school.

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NSW education program media release card image

Australian Financial Review

New program to tackle Australia's digital skills crisis, one high schooler at a time

WithYouWithMe has partnered with the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) to launch a ground-breaking NSW education program that will see 1,500 high schoolers upskilled for in-demand tech careers in a bid to ease Australia’s digital skills crisis.

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Young people have the tech skills

News Limited

Experts say young people have natural skills to land lucrative IT roles

Young people already have the tech skills needed to step into a range of high-paying, in-demand roles without the need for prior experience or a university degree.

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Youth tech skills

FE News

Youth tech skills can help solve the UK digital skills crisis

The UK needs to modernise the way it recruits, upskills and retains its workforces, which requires disrupting traditional approaches and seeking out the under-utilised talent pools it has – including our youth.

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Unlocking Gen Z podcast

Native Digital & Native Analog

Diversity and inclusion in the future of work

This podcast for Gen Z listeners explores how young people can navigate the barriers often inherent in employment processes. 

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Kane Presland is just one example of a young person who has been through the WithYouWithMe program. Here, he shares what a typical day for him looks like.

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