Tom Moore

Tom Moore is a man on a mission. He has uncovered new ideas and methods for sourcing digital talent. Tom has captivated global audiences with his views on business, human resources, the digital skills landscape and his personal resilience through adversity.
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Tom Moore is an Australian military veteran and Co-founder of WithYouWithMe. Tom joined the Australian Defence Force in 2008 as an enlisted rifleman, then subsequently completed Officer training at Royal Military College Duntroon in 2012.

In 2013 he led a 60-man combat team as an Infantry Officer in Afghanistan. He was medically discharged in 2015. When Tom started seeking civilian employment, he found it difficult to secure even entry-level roles due to his perceived ‘lack of experience’. Tom discovered he wasn’t alone – and that veteran underemployment was a global issue.

In 2015, he co-founded WithYouWithMe to solve veteran underemployment, by lowering the barriers to entry into tech careers. WithYouWithMe created a technology that leverages innovative psychometric testing to identify people with the aptitude to thrive in tech-based roles who may otherwise be overlooked. It then builds their skills to be employment-ready through accredited digital skills training. The ‘social impact’ company he founded has rapidly expanded to support other under-represented groups, including neurodivergent individuals, indigenous communities and refugees.

Tom is also the Chairman of Mentor Connect, on the board of the Digital Skills Organisation and assists veterans to build their own businesses.

Podcast interviews

The Mentor with Mark Bouris Podcast - Tom Moore
The Mentor with Mark Bouris

How to avoid hiring the wrong person for your business

“We have figured out what someone's underpinning abilities are to do a job really well, and we can predict that at age 16.”
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The Caring Economy Podcast - Tom Moore
The Caring Economy with 
Toby Usnik

Tom Moore: Co-Founder of WithYouWithMe

"The model that is used to highlight why you should hire someone is based off experience and education, and because that model doesn't produce enough candidates, we then hire people that we know, and that then creates a whole bubble of inequality.”
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Unforgiving60 Podcast - Tom Moore

How WithYouWithMe is disrupting normal

“The labour market is a commodities market, we call it human resources, and no matter how good you are at writing a resume, it's very speculative and people get lost in this speculation.”
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The Blue Light Leavers Podcast - Tom Moore
The Blue Light Leavers Podcast

Free technology career training with Tom Moore

“We have been able to take this business from Australia and we have been able to move it all around the word because there is the same issue everywhere, and that issue is the resume. We want to get rid of it.”
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The Ready Podcast - Tom Moore
The Ready Podcast

Fighting for potential with Tom Moore

"We are going to give you someone that you need based of the skills gap that you have identified, the difference is it's not going to look the same, but we are going to show you the data that says that they are a really great talent, based off the market and based off your workforce.”
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The Business Leader Podcast - Tom Moore
The Business Leader Podcast

Tom Moore: Using military experience to empower customers and build a unicorn

“67% of veterans have the aptitude strengths to be a software developer, and to be a great one.”
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Individual Awards

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University of Woolongong - 2018 Young Alumni Award

“Thanks to Tom Moore’s vision and commitment, many with uncertain career futures have been able to find new paths and realise their true potential. His efforts are helping to solve the significant social issue of veteran transition to civilian life, changing attitudes among employers and communities and opening up positive futures for people who can continue to make a real contribution to our economy and society.”
2018 Young Alumni Award - Tom Moore