Skills-based talent management solutions

WithYouWithMe delivers end-to-end workforce management products and services to identify and fill critical skills gaps either by discovering diverse new talent or growing top talent within existing workforces.

Using our data-led talent management platform Potential, we help organisations address these challenges and replace outdated talent acquisition practices with skills-based workforce management.

It's a simple recipe...

Define and baseline the skills your organisation has 
Understand the skills your workforce needs
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Bridge the gap between the two by hiring and training new digital talent and supporting your existing employees’ growth and mobility

How does our talent management software work?

Potential creates a robust individual profile by combining nuanced aptitude results with personality insights to generate an individual's 'skill potential', a highly predictive measure of their capacity to master and excel in learning new skills. In this way, Potential eradicates the 'one-size-fits-all' bottleneck, acknowledging that excellence doesn't require universal prowess across all aptitude constructs. We believe our solution to be the most inclusive, equitable, and comprehensive aptitude assessment tool on the market today.
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Market leading aptitude and psychometric assessments match individuals to tech skills and digital roles.
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Industry accredited training makes individuals rapidly proficient in high demand tech skills in around 150 hours.
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Certified individuals are matched to a new team and deployed into a role, ready to hit the ground running.
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Continuous learning improves employee experience and keeps teams ahead of market requirements.

We partner with organisations to develop talent management solutions that meet workforce needs

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Grow Potential

Grow Potential enables you to identify and fill skills gaps both now and into the future by finding and nurturing talent within your existing workforce.
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Skills map your workforce
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Uncover latent talent
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Transform L&D programs to increase employee engagement and address skills gaps
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Build talent mobility pathways based on potential
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Retain top talent and future-proof your workforce
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Discover Potential

Discover Potential empowers you to find, train and deploy diverse digital talent across your workforce.
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Find candidates from untapped talent pools
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Predict performance, skills, role and team suitability
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Increase workforce diversity
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Recruit skilled talent or hire on culture fit and train for rapid deployment
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Help individuals reach their full potential and make a positive social impact
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Potential is available for purchase on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. Connect with us to discuss your options for procurement.

How do we make a positive impact?

Every software licence purchased by an organisation allows us to train 10 people from under-represented communities for free.

We call it the potential effect.

Our expert team provides valuable insight and services to maximise our platform's impact

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Customised training pathways

Our data-driven solutions help identify employees or candidates with potential and create tailored training pathways for them to upskill.

Building high-performing teams icon

Building high-performing teams

We use archetypes to build teams with the right mix of personality traits according to task requirements, work environment and team or business maturity.

Workforce assessment icon

Workforce assessment

We use powerful testing data to create a comprehensive Insight Brief that enables smarter workforce decision-making.

Skills mapping icon

Skills mapping

Using SFIA, we create a skills framework unique to your company and map employees' skillsets against business needs.

Solving skills gaps icon

Solving skills gaps

We find talent in places others don’t look, whether it’s in underrepresented areas of society or within your existing workforce.

Future workforce planning icon

Future workforce planning

We identify skills gaps both now and into the future and create tailored programs to upskill employees or new hires in areas with high or growing demand.

Employee retention icon

Employee retention

We develop and retain employees by connecting them with meaningful career pathways based on individual skills, personality type and aptitude.

Skills-based talent management icon

Skills-based talent management

We use data from Potential to identify and train latent talent based on their skills – or propensity to learn – rather than their past experience.

See our talent management tools in action

Fujitsu unearths quiet talent blog card image

Grow Potential

Fujitsu unearths quiet talent and boosts internal hires by 12%

With a firm goal of achieving 50% internal hires for open roles, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand is looking inward to uncover talent hidden in their ranks and upskill individuals with aptitude to tackle in-demand roles. 
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Monash University modern IT team blog card image

Discover Potential

Monash University defines the modern IT team with diversity

Find out how Monash University, a global leader in research and education, is addressing skills gaps in their Cyber Risk and Resilience team with diverse IT talent.
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Atos office blog card image

Discover Potential

Atos puts diversity at the heart of recruitment efforts

Atos is filling digital skills gaps across their organisation by training new recruits from underrepresented backgrounds to encourage diversity of skill, thought and experience and inspire innovation.
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