Test your workforce to uncover hidden potential

Our market-leading workforce assessment tool helps you uncover the latent talent and hidden potential lying dormant in your workforce.

We’ll partner with you to assess your workforce and create comprehensive profiles of your employees using our scientifically-tested AI model, VARK, DISC and Big 5.

Our data-led employment model draws on our proprietary profiling tool which creates an accurate assessment of an individual's natural strengths, hidden abilities and potential to be successful in a role.

At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive Organisational Insight Brief that provides a clear picture of your workforce against the skills required in your organisation. You’ll be empowered with insights on workforce optimisation and mobility opportunities – and be positioned to create meaningful career pathways for employees.

Benefits of our workforce assessment

  • Maximise the potential of your current workforce
  • Pivot your current employees to high demand roles
  • Increase retention
  • Deliver greater social value
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR division
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Organisational-wide value

Our Insights Brief will equip you with the information you need to future-proof your workforce, stop the churn of talent, support individual professional development opportunities and deliver balanced and high performing teams.


Identify the true capabilities existing in your workforce. Understand which teams are productive and which are not performing against expectation.


See a potential career path based off your unique skills and traits. Stay with your organisation but grow your engagement through increased opportunity.

HR Manager

Inject aptitude assessment and matching into your skills framework. Improve employee engagement and reduce churn. Cut the time taken to fill high-demand roles.

Tech Manager

Find people within your existing workforce who can upskill for high-demand tech roles. Retain valuable institutional knowledge and diversify your tech workforce.
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WithYouWithMe is a Global Accredited Partner of the SFIA Foundation

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Foundation produces the industry-recognised global skills and competency framework for the digital world. It defines the skills required by business and technology professionals at every level to design, implement, manage and protect data and technology.

Find out more about the SFIA framework →

What’s included in the workforce assessment?

  • Unlimited access to our workforce testing tool – test as many employees as you want
  • A comprehensive Insight Brief on your workforce, skill levels (SFIA framework) and opportunities for workforce optimisation or mobility
  • Individual reports for employees to gain insight into their strengths, preferred learning styles and career match opportunities
  • Skills mapping and aptitude assessment for all employees
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Uncover latent potential in your workforce

Using our SaaS product Potential, we can skills map your organisation to find the potential in your existing employees, enabling internal talent mobility.
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Application tracking systems

A goldmine of hidden talent

Did you know your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is another untapped resource likely brimming with the diversity, skills and potential you need – particularly when it comes to filling your entry-level tech roles?

Talent is hidden in plain sight within ATS and WithYouWithMe has the means to discover it.

Using our scientifically-based aptitude assessments and skills mapping, we'll provide valuable insights into the abundance of latent talent and diversity within your ATS. We'll show you candidates who have the potential and natural abilities to excel in a tech career - and provide them with the training to make them rapidly proficient.

Take advantage of our workforce testing to provide your ATS with assessments and receive an Insights Brief that shows you the true potential of your database.
Dimensions of diversity


  • Reduce talent attraction costs
  • Optimise the value of your ATS
  • Accurately assess suitability and culture fit for specific roles with data matched candidates
  • Identify highly suitable applicants for future positions
  • Equip new hires with a baseline of digital literacy
  • See a full view of your talent pool to guide your hiring strategy
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