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Ready to dive in? Take a quick a tour of Potential and explore key features of the platform for organisations and individuals.

Platform walkthroughs

Follow guided walkthroughs of essential Potential platform features to get your organisation up and running.

Creating a job

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Want to fill an open role in your organisation? Create a job on Potential and match your needs against new candidates from our diverse user base or talent within your existing workforce.

Shortlisting and interviewing candidates

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Hiring an individual to join your team? Easily track and manage internal and external candidates end-to-end, from shortlisting through to hiring.

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Internal adoption toolkit

Bring employees and stakeholders along on the journey with a series of resources curated to drive adoption and add value.
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Your path to success starts here. Email templates to announce the launch of your internal Potential program and guide employees through the process.
Email templates - Australia
Email templates - North America
Email templates - United Kingdom
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Uncover hidden potential. Step-by-step guides and one-pagers to engage employees and kickstart their testing and training.
Step-by-step sign-up PDF
Training brochure
Understanding testing results on Potential
Assessing SFIA skill levels on Potential - For users
Assessing SFIA skill levels on Potential - For managers
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Spark the skills revolution. Re-brand, adapt and share these resources to drive the conversation about investing in potential and skills over past experience.
Diversity brochure – Australia
Diversity brochure – United Kingdom
Diversity brochure – Canada
Supporting metrics for skills-based hiring

Skills Sheets

When using Potential to hire new talent or upskill an employee for a specific role, Skills Sheets are our roadmap to candidate job readiness. They describe the role overview, training requirements, timeline to proficiency and the Capstone project a candidate will present to demonstrate their abilities. Skills Sheets can be adapted to meet your organisations specific needs.
Looking to hire now? Download the Skills Sheet for:

Looking for custom resources or bespoke Skills Sheets?

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Industry insights

Demonstrate the power of Potential in action. A series of case studies, reports and independent research showcasing the value of your new workforce strategy.

Independent research

This collection of independent research from our partners and industry experts will help position your skills-based workforce strategy.
LinkedIn Skills First Report cover image

Skills-First: Reimagining the Labour Market

LinkedIn Economic Graph explores the benefits of a skills-first approach talent management including expanding pools, increasing diversity and enabling equitable access to opportunity.
Read more
Microsoft Diverse Talent Pathways card image

Break down the Barriers

Microsoft and Accenture provide actionable insights for Australia’s hiring managers and business leaders to expand the supply and diversity of candidates.
Read more
Hidden workers: untapped talent - card image

Hidden workers: Untapped talent

Harvard Business School and Accenture unpack how leaders can improve hiring practices to uncover missed talent pools, close skills gaps and improve diversity.
Read more


These reports will help you understand and exploit the power of workforce insights coming from Potential.
Veteran hiring guide cover

Mission critical: The complete guide to hiring veterans

Learn how to build a long-lasting and impactful veteran employment program, ensuring ex-servicemen and women realise their full potential within your organisation.
Read the guide

Unlock the potential of your remote workforce

Discover how understanding each employee’s profile – their personality, preferences, motivations and natural abilities – can help leaders tailor management styles to supercharge productivity.
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Framework for future-proof digital workforce e-book cover

SFIA: A workforce framework for the digital age

Find out how aligning your workforce with SFIA can ensure digital skills gaps are identified and filled, upskilling programs are tailored to business needs and employees are prepared for the future.
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Elevate training programs with learning insights

Learn about the seven learning preferences identified on Potential and how learning insights can be used to enhance employee onboarding, training and career development.
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Case studies

Follow in the footsteps of leading organisations who have turned to Potential to address their workforce challenges.
Leonardo case study card image

Diversity and inclusion powers Leonardo’s expanded cyber capability

Leonardo has embarked on a programme to expand its cyber capability through a skills-led approach, drawing on the unique abilities of diverse candidates to tackle ever-evolving threats.
Read more
Fujitsu unearths quiet talent blog card image

Fujitsu unearths quiet talent and boosts internal hires by 12%

With a firm goal of achieving 50% internal hires for open roles, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand is looking inward to uncover talent hidden and train individuals to tackle in-demand roles.
Read more
Monash University modern IT team blog card image

Monash University defines the modern IT team with diversity

Find out how Monash University teamed up with WithYouWithMe to fill digital skills gaps in their Cyber Risk and Resilience team with diverse IT talent.
Read more

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Frequently asked questions

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About WithYouWithMe

WithYouWithMe is a social impact company working to tackle the global digital skills crisis while creating a more equitable world where everyone, regardless of their background, has access to meaningful employment.
Our Potential platform tests a person’s aptitude and personality type to identify the skills they’ll excel at. Then we match their skills to open roles and provide training to ensure they are job ready. Our approach helps build future-proof careers for anyone, but in particular, we focus on supporting overlooked groups like veterans, the neurodiverse and women in tech.

For organisations, it’s the fastest and most efficient way to bring high-demand skills and diversity into your workforce – and the best way to identify and nurture the talent you already have.
Potential is our proprietary software platform, which allows you to hire, train, deploy and grow talent.
Our head office is in Sydney, Australia, but we also have teams in Canada, the UK and USA. All of our testing, role matching, shortlisting, interviewing and training is done online, so you and your employees can access Potential from wherever you need.

The Potential platform

First, select ‘Employees’ in the menu sidebar to see your employee list. Next, select ‘Column groups’ in the top right corner and change the toggle to turn on ‘Personal details’. Now you should see your same employee list with additional columns. In the ‘Invited user on’ column, you’ll either see a date the employee was invited or a paper aeroplane icon. Select the paper aeroplane icon to send an invitation.
To assign training licences, select ‘Learning’ in the menu sidebar to visit the Learning Manager Dashboard. Check in the top panel to confirm you have vacant training seats. If there are seats available, select the employee you wish to assign a training licence too and ‘Push into training’. If the employee hasn’t been assigned to the queue yet, you will need to push them into the queue first, then push into training.
Once you’ve created a job and selected ‘Save’, your job will be live on Potential. Depending on your job settings, the job will be visible either to internal candidates only or, if you’re accepting external candidates, to the broader Potential user base.
First, select ‘Jobs’ in the menu sidebar. Find the job and select ‘Find matches’. Now you’ll be able to see the candidates at each stage of the recruitment flow. Find the candidate by selecting the stage they’re currently in. In the bottom right corner of the candidate card, you’ll see a dropdown box saying ‘Shortlist’, ‘Push to next stage’ or ‘Begin interview’ depending on where they are in the flow. Select the small arrow to dropdown more options, then select ‘Decline’ to remove them from the recruitment flow.
There are two ways to find talent in Potential.
  1. Select ‘Search’ in the menu sidebar and enter the skill or role title you are looking for to review candidate cards.
  2. Select ‘Jobs’ on the menu sidebar and build a new job. Then select ‘Find matches’ to see matched candidates.
Select ‘Jobs’ on the menu sidebar, find your job and select ‘Find matches’. Now you’ll see candidate cards from your available talent pool. To shortlist a candidate, select ‘Shortlist’ in the bottom right corner of their card.
If you’re an existing customer, simply reach out to your Account Manager to discuss training options for your employees. If you’re not a customer yet but would like to be, get in touch.

Tech support

Option 1: Use the chat bot

The WYWM chat bot is located at the bottom right-hand corner of Potential. Click on the icon and you'll be asked to select a general area of interest. Select the option that is closest to the question you have or the issue you want to report. Type in your question or issue and hit enter.

The chat bot might ask you a few questions before directing your enquiry to our support team.

Option 2: Raise a support ticket

You can raise a ticket with our support team by emailing support@withyouwithme.com

The more information you provide, the faster they will be able to resolve your issue. Ensure you include the following:
  • Your organisation name and username (the email you used to sign up for Potential)
  • A description of the issue and what you were doing when it occurred
  • Screenshots of the window including the URL
Option 3: Reach out to your Account Manager

If your query is not able to be resolved by our support team, reach out to your Account Manager.


Your organisational and employee data is captured and stored securely on Potential. Your privacy is our top priority. For more information, refer to our privacy policy.


Understand our commonly used terms

As part of our training programs, individuals are required to deliver technical demonstrations showcasing the new skills they’ve gained. These demonstrations are known as Capstones. For organisations, Capstones represent an opportunity to validate an individual’s skillset – whether it’s a new hire coming into the business or an existing employee participating in an upskilling program.
Skills Sheets are our roadmap to candidate deployment. They outline the training programs, technical know-how and time required for individuals to be job-ready for in-demand roles including Cyber Security Consultant, Data Analyst and Software Developer. Skills Sheets provide organisations with a clear understanding of the skill sets our candidates will gain prior to joining their workforce.
A Career Accelerator is an online information session hosted by WithYouWithMe alongside one of our community or not-for-profit partners. Career Accelerators tend to focus on empowering a particular community group (e.g. neurodivergent candidates in Canada). Career Accelerators feature a series of short presentations from WithYouWithMe representatives, partner organisations and members of the community group exploring why individuals should learn digital skills and choose a career in tech.

The purpose of these events is to encourage people in the diverse communities we support to embark on finding a new career by signing up for Potential, completing their testing and entering our training programs – for free.

Career Accelerators are our way of contributing to the broader tech workforce and building diverse talent pools for our partner organisations.
Archetypes are our unique model for identifying the personality traits required to drive team success. Informed by the DISC and Big 5 profile of an individual, our three Archetypes are the Doer, the Creator and the Translator. Getting the right mix of Archetypes for a team or organisation depends on task requirements, work environment and team or business maturity.
A Job Accelerator is an online or in-person event WithYouWithMe co-hosts with an organisation looking to hire new candidates for several roles. The purpose of these events is to bring together large talent pools from our diverse user community and offer the organisation an opportunity to connect with candidates, share information on open roles and communicate their employee value proposition.

Following a Job Accelerator event, interested candidates will typically participate in culture-fit interviews with WithYouWithMe’s Career Success team before entering the relevant training pathway, and being shortlisted on Potential for the organisation to review, interview and hire.

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Skills self-assessment product update card

Skills mapping: Enhance user profiles with skills self-assessment

We’ve been working on some important updates to Potential to enable organisations to skills map their workforces on-platform and at-scale. Check out the first stage – skills self-assessments.
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Candidate overview product update card image

Compare culture fit and aptitude insights with candidate overviews

The new candidate overview feature enables hiring managers to easily download and share a quick, one-page summary showcasing a candidate’s alignment with competencies, culture fit and aptitude.
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Learning Manager Dashboard - Product Update

Maximise training ROI with the Learning Manager Dashboard

Check the overall status of training programs, easily spot idle learners and quickly reassign individuals in the queue with the new Learning Manager Dashboard.
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