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Compare culture fit and aptitude insights with candidate overviews 

By Paul Wahltuch 
Published: December 19, 2023
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The new candidate overview feature enables hiring managers to easily download and share a quick, one-page summary showcasing a candidate’s alignment with essential competencies, culture fit and aptitude results, archetype and more.

Making hiring decisions is a collaborative effort. There are often multiple people, including managers, executive leaders and HR practitioners, who need to have oversight and provide input.

What's new?

The latest addition to Potential’s candidate cards is a downloadable PDF summarising the need-to-know candidate info for decision-makers in your organisation who don’t have access to the platform.

Plus, to more easily compare candidates’ testing results, you can download candidate overviews for each job’s shortlist in a single document. The document also unpacks what the testing results mean to ensure decision-makers understand the breadth of insight gained from Potential.

We’re really excited about this feature because it’s going to help hiring managers communicate the value of candidate insights and make it easier for decision-makers to compare people's suitability for a role based on aptitude and personality indicators.

Candidate cards also now feature an availability date next to the calendar icon so you can see when each candidate will be ready to start their new role.

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