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Potential is a skills-based workforce management solution that identifies propensity to learn digital skills using a series of evidence based psychometric and aptitude assessments.

The end-to-end platform helps organisations discover, train, deploy and grow talent
Through Potential:
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We create productive teams from new or existing talent pools to fill skills gaps.
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We future-proof careers and workforces with continuous learning and upskilling.
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How does it work?

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Market leading aptitude and psychometric assessments match individuals to tech skills and digital roles.
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Industry accredited training makes individuals rapidly proficient in high demand tech skills in around 150 hours.
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Certified individuals are matched to a new team and deployed into a role, ready to hit the ground running.
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Continuous learning helps employees become experts and keeps teams ahead of market requirements.

Let's break that down

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See the full picture of an individual's fit to role

Potential’s market leading psychometric assessments match individuals to new digital roles based on their natural aptitude and existing skillset.

Our unique testing algorithm creates an accurate and comprehensive picture of an individual’s potential and ideal culture fit.
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Make data-led decisions for effective workforce management

Our assessments reveal individual potential across five core areas: culture fit, psychometrics, aptitude, preferred learning style and Archetype. Using this data, WithYouWithMe can map an organisation’s entire workforce and deliver a comprehensive Insight Brief to inform employment decisions, maximise productivity and streamline training programs.
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Build successful workforce upskilling programs across 11 career pathways

Potential’s industry accredited training makes individuals rapidly proficient in high demand tech roles in around 150 hours.

Drawing on workforce data, WithYouWithMe can also create tailored training programs to address an organisation’s unique needs and upskill internal talent to move into in-demand roles.

Flexible learning options

Course type

Fulltime program
Self-paced online
Power hours
Capstone - For organisations

Assess competency with Capstones

As part of our digital training programs, individuals deliver technical demonstrations showcasing the new skills they’ve gained.
Learn more about Capstones
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5 steps to a pipeline of talent

Once training is complete, certified individuals are matched to a team, deployed into roles and hit the ground running.

Along with matching individuals to specific roles, our algorithm can help you build a balanced team that meets your workforce needs.
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Find individuals
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Assess and skills map individuals to uncover potential
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Individuals go through accredited training
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Individuals go through Capstone to demonstrate technical competency
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Individuals deploy into their new roles
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Level up your workforce

Continuous learning helps employees become experts and keeps your team ahead of market requirements.

Our workforce management system features 11 career pathways mapped to the SFIA framework, designed to take individuals from beginner to proficient in just a few months.
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Explore our latest product updates

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Skills mapping: Enhance user profiles with skills self-assessment

We’ve been working on some important updates to Potential to enable organisations to skills map their workforces on-platform and at-scale. Check out the first stage – skills self-assessments.
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Compare culture fit and aptitude insights with candidate overviews

The new candidate overview feature enables hiring managers to easily download and share a quick, one-page summary showcasing a candidate’s alignment with competencies, culture fit and aptitude.
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Learning Manager Dashboard - Product Update

Maximise training ROI with the Learning Manager Dashboard

A new workflow to check the overall status of training programs, easily spot idle learners and quickly reassign individuals in the queue with the new Learning Manager Dashboard.
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We partner with organisations to develop workforce management processes that align with business needs

The choice is yours

Grow Potential

Grow Potential enables you to identify and fill skills gaps both now and into the future by finding and nurturing talent within your existing workforce.
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Skills map your workforce
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Uncover latent talent
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Transform L&D programs to engage employees and address skills gaps
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Build career pathways for employees based on potential
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Enable talent mobility
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Discover Potential

Discover Potential empowers you to find, train and deploy diverse digital talent across your workforce.
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Find candidates from untapped talent pools
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Predict performance, skills, role and team suitability
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Increase workforce diversity
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Recruit skilled talent or hire on culture fit and train for rapid deployment
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Make a positive social impact
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Potential is available for purchase on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. Connect with us to discuss your options for procurement.

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