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Demonstrate competency with Capstones

As part of our digital training programs, individuals are required to deliver a technical demonstration showcasing the new skills they’ve gained. These demonstrations are known as Capstones.

Typically the final step once a training course is completed, a Capstone offers an important opportunity to demonstrate competency and confidence before deploying into a role.

WithYouWithMe offers a catalogue of Capstones for organisations to choose from that are relevant to industry and job-role – and will ensure hiring managers feel confident their new recruits will hit the ground running.
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How does a Capstone project work?

Step 1: Instructions provided

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The training instructor provides a Capstone brief which includes instructions, links to any relevant training resources, and a timeline for delivery.

Step 2: Capstone build

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The individual has 1 – 3 weeks to build their Capstone project, with timing dependent on the amount of work required. During the Capstone 'build' period, the individual will usually have at least one check-in session with their training instructor.

Step 3: Presentation preparation

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Prior to delivering their final Capstone presentation, the individual will complete:
  • A first draft – This is seen only by the instructor and includes showing the working behind the project.
  • A practice presentation – This is a run-through of the full presentation seen by a broader team of training instructors. In this session, individuals can gather feedback to improve their presentation and are asked technical questions to test their knowledge.

Step 4: Capstone delivery

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The individual delivers the final Capstone presentation to their current employer or hiring manager and other relevant team members who may ask technical questions relevant to the individual's new skillset.

Why Capstones?

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Capstones are a practical exercise that enables individuals to demonstrate technical proficiency across a range of digital skills in one final project. The presentation proves, to employers and individuals, that they have the competencies required for a digital role.

After securing a role, individuals can continue to create and deliver Capstones periodically as they learn new capabilities. WYWM’s Capstones are mapped to the SFIA framework – testing up to level 5 – to ensure skills are industry-recognised.
Capstone - For individuals

For individuals

Capstones represent a key moment in a candidate’s journey. They’re an opportunity to reinforce the knowledge they’ve gained and ensure they’re ready for a new career.

For employers

A Capstone presentation enables employers to validate a candidate’s skills. Combined with our personality and aptitude testing, Capstones remove the need to follow standard interview processes for technical roles.

Similarly, when training their existing workforce, organisations can see demonstrable success from training programs through practical employee presentations.
Capstone - For organisations

See Capstones

In action

Jesus - GED Tech Apprenticeship - Capstone

Data analysis with Jesus Hernandez

Through the GED Tech Apprenticeship™ program, Jesus has completed free accredited training. Watch his Capstone presentation which is centered around using data analytics to improve tax calculations for an accounting firm.
Watch the presentation
Keith Omand - Capstone video

PowerApps with Keith Omand

Keith completed his training to become a Low-code Developer using Power Apps through WYWM. Watch his Capstone presentation explaining an application he created for the management of IT resources.
Watch the presentation
April Chaisson - Capstone video

Data analysis with April Chaisson

April completed WYWM’s Data Analytics learning pathway and is now employed by the Canadian Government as a Data Analyst. Watch her Capstone presentation analysing a public health dataset.
Watch the presentation

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