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Fill workforce gaps with internal talent mobility

Grow Potential enables you to identify and fill skills gaps both now and into the future by finding, nurturing and mobilising top talent within your existing workforce. Partner with us to supercharge productivity, create meaningful career pathways and improve engagement and retention.

Benefits of enabling talent mobility

Our market-leading talent assessment tool creates an accurate picture of your workforce potential to underpin your talent mobility program.
  • Identify the true capabilities in your existing talent pool and build career pathways based on potential.
  • Make data-led workforce decisions and support your underemployed internal talent groups.
  • Optimise team structure to enable better productivity and efficiency.
  • Build career paths that align with business needs and improve long term retention.
  • Enable skills-based talent management and implement tailored learning and development programs that directly address skills gaps.
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Grow potential
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Unlocking the potential of your workforce

Find out why data-driven personalised management is the next frontier in accelerating productivity.
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Our proven formula for uncovering workforce potential:

Aptitude testing

Aptitude assessments measure an individual’s potential to learn new skills and excel in specific areas based on their innate abilities in areas including problem-solving, logical reasoning and interpersonal communication.
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Personality testing

Personality tests including the Big 5 and DISC evaluate an individual’s traits and characteristics, providing insight into the way they interact with others, engage with challenges and adapt to new environments.
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Skills mapping

Skills mapping refers to the process of identifying the skill set of existing employees and matching these skills to specific roles or careers within your organisation. Implemented organisation-wide, it can deliver a clear picture of the skills you have and the skills you need.
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A future-proofed workforce

What's included?

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Unlimited access to our workforce assessment tool – test as many employees as you want.
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A comprehensive Insight Brief on your workforce identifying opportunities for optimisation and internal talent mobility.
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Individual reports for employees offering insight into their strengths, preferred learning style, personality type and career match.
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Access to 10 free seats in accelerated online training programs across 11 digital career pathways.

Additional services

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Implement a comprehensive, skills-based internal mobility strategy including a skills framework for your entire organisation based on the world-leading Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).
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Skills-map your entire workforce against SFIA levels and identify individual pathways to fill high-demand roles.
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Create bespoke, accelerated training solutions and professional development plans based on your organisation’s specific needs.
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Potential is available for purchase on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. Connect with us to discuss your options for procurement.

Mobilising internal talent delivers value organisation-wide

Start your journey by completing a workforce assessment and receiving a comprehensive Insight Brief, packed full with the information you need to future-proof your workforce, unlock employee potential, support career development, retain top talent and build high-performing teams.

Our Insight Briefs provide ongoing value across all areas of your business.


Identify the true capabilities existing in the workforce. Identify the skills their teams have and the skills they need. Understand if teams are set up for optimal productivity.


See potential career pathways based off natural aptitude, existing skills and personality traits. Engage with internal mobility opportunities and talent development programs.

HR Manager

Inject aptitude assessment and career matching into your internal mobility talent strategy. Improve employee engagement and reduce turnover rates. Cut the time taken to fill high-demand roles.

Tech Manager

Find people within your existing workforce who can upskill for high demand tech roles. Retain and expand valuable institutional knowledge. Diversify your tech workforce.
SFIA accredited partner logo

WithYouWithMe is a Global Accredited Partner of the SFIA Foundation

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Foundation produces the industry-recognised global skills and competency framework for the digital world. It defines the skills required by business and technology professionals at every level to design, implement, manage and protect data and technology.

Insight Brief

Assessment areas

Aptitude testing and mapping your employees' skills provides valuable workforce insights and helps inform successful business transformation.

team fit

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Personal benefit:
Insight into your own preferences, traits and approach to work.
Psychometric team fit - personal benefit
Example data:
Demonstrates the mental make-up of the business and how it can affect business performance.
Psychometric team fit - data example graph
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Business insight
These datapoints show a team with high neuroticism and low openness, meaning they are not yet ready for change.
This defines the starting point for any transformation project.

skills mapping

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Personal benefit:
Identifies the future roles for which you can most easily learn the skills.
Aptitude Skill Mapping - personal benefit
Example data:
Identifies which current staff would excel in your high-demand roles.
Aptitude skills mapping - data example
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Business insight
Identify internal candidates within your organisation who are highly suitable to train for your problematic vacancies.
This shapes a data-driven upskilling program.

team construct

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Personal benefit:
Understand your natural preferred position in a team and what environment you need to thrive.
Archetype Team Construct - Personal benefits
Example data:
Identifies your current mix of Archetypes across the business and by business unit.
Archetype team construct - lloyds data example
Green arrow
Business insight
The mix of Archetypes should match the program stage. For example, a business in a change and design stage needs more creative people.
This shapes the people needed for the project team

11 accredited career pathways

Potential’s industry accredited training makes individuals rapidly proficient in the digital skills required for high demand tech roles. Employees can develop a range of digital skills in specific areas in around 150 hours.

Grow Potential enables access to 10 training seats automatically with the option to expand as needed or develop bespoke training programs unique to your organisation.

See our talent mobility strategy in action

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