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A major Australian consulting firm grows a comprehensive cyber capability from within

By Gabi Paterson 
Published March 8, 2023
Cyber security is one of the top priorities for businesses and government alike – and the challenge of how to develop the human cyber capabilities required to proactively manage threats, while in the midst of a digital skills shortage, is also a shared challenge. 

Like many businesses, a world-leading consulting solutions provider recognised an urgent need to grow its in-house cyber capabilities.

Rather than looking to hire externally, the company turned inward, developing a strategy to grow this capability through the targeted upskilling of individuals across their 5000-strong workforce. This would not only help expand the firm’s offering, but also deliver valuable professional development opportunities for staff.

Driving workforce decisions with actionable data

The organisation sought to develop a fast and effective training program built on data-driven insights. They engaged WithYouWithMe to support this need, leveraging WYWM’s Grow Potential solution to conduct AI-led psychometric testing and skills mapping of their workforce.

Using a series of assessments drawing on the Big 5, DISC and VARK, Grow Potential delivers insight into individuals’ propensity to be successful in cyber-related roles based on personality type, learning style, productivity level and cognitive aptitude.

The initial testing of more than 140 staff identified significant opportunity for digital upskilling across the organisation’s Australian workforce, with many non-technical staff showing an aptitude for roles in target growth areas including cyber analytics and robotic process automation.

Increasing ROI with tailored learning and development

Once those with an aptitude for cyber were identified, WYWM worked alongside the organisation to develop a tailored cyber learning and development program that will see the right people upskilled for re-deployment.

WYWM’s training programs – which are aligned with the globally-recognised SFIA framework – offer a combination of self-paced and instructor-led digital learning to develop proficiency in under 200 hours.

At this stage, 73% of course participants have graduated from the training program and the remaining participants are continuing to progress. The positive response from staff who have completed their training demonstrates another key benefit of the strategy – offering access to growth opportunities and facilitating talent mobility which improves staff optimisation, productivity and retention.

“I'm actually working on a cyber project so deeper understanding has been useful. Even a general understanding of a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) has been useful.”

Cyber course participant

The organisation now benefits from:

  • An expanded in-house cyber capability
  • The inclusion of globally recognised and SFIA-aligned cyber skills on project tenders
  • A proven blueprint for upskilling internal staff in growth areas
  • Professional development opportunities that improve staff retention
  • Enhanced safeguarding of critical internal systems due to expanded knowledge of cyber security

“I am less interested in moving into the practical aspects of a cyber role but just as interested in moving into a strategic policy role which will have cyber elements”

Cyber course participant

The success of this initial program supports the organisation’s ongoing plans to expand training across their enterprise and continue to bolster their cyber capabilities in-line with the market demand.

Learn how your organisation can empower employees to tackle new roles with Grow Potential

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