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Establishing digital literacy across government health systems

By Cia Kouparitsas 
Published: February 19, 2023
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Innovation and technological progress are creating significant opportunities within government for digital transformation – making digital skills a need-to-have for many public servants.

In North America, a key government health agency partnered with WithYouWithMe (WYWM) to undertake an innovative digital literacy program aimed at ensuring their employees could take full advantage of available technologies. 

The program aimed to upskill more than 600 public servants with key digital skills, particularly around data management and analysis.   

Delivered through a combination of self-paced, online training and instructor-led Data Bootcamps, cohorts across the health agency undertook the training with a special focus on skills required to be successful in their individual roles.  

The Data Bootcamps developed job relevant skills using a hands-on approach while increasing employee knowledge, capacity and training of data tools and software to manage, interpret, use, and understand data to inform decision-making.   

Essentially the model enabled large-scale, rapid upskilling and provided the health agency with the organisation-wide digital literacy they needed to ensure staff are digitally proficient, efficient, and empowered to perform at their best. 

Empowering staff with data-driven decision-making

This organisation recognised the importance of establishing data literacy across their varied departments so employees could be empowered to leverage the government’s vast data stores as a strategic asset to make decisions and provide a better service.   

The agency's Data Strategy Roadmap reinforces the importance of building this capability to develop and retain talent by providing more upskilling opportunities, increasing data literacy and supporting role mobility. This commitment to both building data literacy and investing in staff development ultimately required a new approach for the provision of data training at the enterprise level.  

Ultimately, increasing data literacy at the enterprise level is intended to enhance both departments' ability to collectively take stock of their data assets and identify the intradepartmental linkages and opportunities for common digital infrastructures.

Government Data Officer,
North American Government Health Agency

Customised training solutions

WYWM was engaged to develop and deliver customised, high-quality data training across the organisation. Specifically, a program of online, self-paced, foundational data training was provided alongside intermediate and advanced instructor-led courses to provide more specialised skills.  

The Data Foundations Training Pipeline was selected as it offered broad access to foundational data training along with more specialised training for staff who wanted to further their data skills. The structure of courses and combination of different formats catered to all learning styles and ensured engagement was maintained throughout.

Shared successes

  • The program has been adopted widely, with plans to train 500 public servants in digital skills. 
  • In phase one, more than 150 staff have graduated from the instructor-led courses. 
  • 237 staff have graduated from the online, self-paced Data Foundations course. 

These graduations represent individuals who have successfully completed a step forward in their data literacy journey and are now able to apply their new skills to their day-to-day roles.  

Early results indicate that participants self-identify as feeling more confident in accessing, using and analysing data after taking the training, while also having a better understanding of statistical or research methods. 

Reach out to us to learn more about data literacy and the benefits of upskilling your workforce. 

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