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Our Potential platform delivers the actionable insights you need to enact business transformation, future-proof your workforce, build high performing teams, support individual development and stop the churn of talent.

We partner with you to assess your workforce and create comprehensive employee profiles using our scientifically tested AI model, VARK, DISC and Big 5. Once the assessment is complete, our experts talk you through a tailored brief of insights to drive action towards achieving your business goals.
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An inside look at workforce potential

People regularly approach us looking for talent. And while finding talent is our bread and butter, upon working more closely with organisations we often discover they already have the talent they need, it’s just a case of re-skilling and re-deploying based on changing requirements.
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Insight Brief

Assessment areas

Aptitude testing and skills mapping your employees provides valuable workforce insights and helps inform successful business transformation.

team fit

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Personal benefit:
Insight into your own preferences, traits and approach to work.
Psychometric team fit - personal benefit
Example data:
Demonstrates the mental make-up of the business and how it can affect business performance.
Psychometric team fit - data example graph
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Business insight
These datapoints show a team with high neuroticism and low openness, meaning they are not yet ready for change.
This defines the starting point for any transformation project.

skills mapping

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Personal benefit:
Identifies the future roles for which you can most easily learn the skills.
Aptitude Skill Mapping - personal benefit
Example data:
Identifies which current staff would excel in your high-demand roles.
Aptitude skills mapping - data example
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Business insight
Identify people within your organisation who are highly suitable to train for your problematic vacancies.
This shapes a data-driven upskilling program.

team construct

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Personal benefit:
Understand your natural preferred position in a team and what environment you need to thrive.
Archetype Team Construct - Personal benefits
Example data:
Identifies your current mix of Archetypes across the business and by business unit.
Archetype team construct - lloyds data example
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Business insight
The mix of Archetypes should match the program stage. For example, a business in a change and design stage needs more creative people.
This shapes the people needed for the project team

Many equate the digital skills crisis with a lack of talent but at WithYouWithMe, we see talent everywhere. And luckily, skills can be taught. You just need to recognise, and invest in, potential.

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