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Our vision is for all 15,000 UK Armed Forces personnel who leave the military each year to find meaningful employment in civilian life.

WithYouWithMe’s 15,000 Futures Initiative is calling upon all UK employers to help ex-servicemen and women find meaningful employment by offering them opportunities to undertake digital roles.

Once a commitment to hire is made by an organisation, WithYouWithMe provides training to ensure candidates are capable, confident and job ready.

By recognising veteran potential and enabling individuals to build in-demand capabilities, the initiative seeks to address chronic digital skills shortages in the UK, while also changing 15,000 Futures for the better.
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Tech skills are in high demand, and this won’t change. We know there are untapped pools of skill, knowledge and potential in the UK. We want to uncover and develop that hidden talent by breaking down biases and barriers. Partnering with WithYouWithMe has given us the opportunity to meet great new people and bring them into our team, offering them a new rewarding career path, which may not have been obvious to them before.
Rishi Badiani
Head of Software, Northrop Grumman, National Security Solutions
Rishi Badiani - Northrop Grumman
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Create meaningful employment for British Armed Forces veterans
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Support free access to Cyber Security training certified by GCHQ
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Tap into one of the largest security-cleared talent pools in the world
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Contribute to generating digital talent to address the UK's skills gap
“We are delighted to enter this partnership with WithYouWithMe, a firm we greatly admire. Competition for talent, in particular tech talent, is a strategically important issue for Capita as well as our public and private sector clients.

WithYouWithMe are helping to solve this issue by creating new pools of talent from diverse and underemployed communities, and by doing so creating significant social value. This fits perfectly with our ethos at Capita."
Jon Lewis
CEO, Capita PLC
Jon Lewis - CEO Capita

User success stories

  • Babou Jobe - Northrup Grumman
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    Former British Army, current Senior Developer, Northrop Grumman UK
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    As an army veteran, I feel valued in my role because my employer understanding what skills a military veteran can bring to an organisation. Not only do they encourage me to personally develop, but also provide me with the resources to take my skills and qualifications to the next level.
  • Samantha Gillison
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    Former Met Police Officer, current Full Stack Application Developer, Northrop Grumman
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    When you’ve worked in the emergency services, you are working as a public servant, so having a meaningful job is really important to me naturally because it’s something I’ve done for the past 7 years. To have that sense of purpose and feel valued is important to me, and it’s really helped me back to work.
  • Adam Hodges - User success story
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    Former Logistician for the RAF, current Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Leonardo
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    The training experience was challenging at times but my desire to pivot to a career in cyber was the driver that helped me succeed. The ever-changing nature of cyber threats will ensure cyber security remains a top priority across all industries, future-proofing my career opportunities and providing me with job security.
  • Leighton Gosai profile
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    Former British Army, current Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Leonardo
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    Given the vital role that Leonardo plays in the defence of the UK and our allies, the chance to give back, and support others in learning these skills holds great meaning for me. In the cyber world where there’s such a shortage of experts to meet the rapidly increasing need - the sky really is the limit!
Rob Gilchrist - 15,000 Futures success story
Seru Nainoca - 15,000 Futures success story

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case study

Leonardo deploys cyber squad to expand critical capability

Leonardo has embarked on a programme to expand its cyber capability through a skills-led approach, drawing on the unique abilities of diverse candidates, including several UK veterans, to tackle ever-evolving threats.
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Royal Lancers Ops room - card image


Digital skills scheme for veterans backed by Fujitsu and Capita

Business leaders need to challenge the traditional way of recruiting and workforce management to fix the UK’s tech skills gap. Without the ability to re-skill, organisations will only increase gaps and under-represented individuals be left behind.
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15k Futures - Rt Hon Johnny Mercer video


Rt Hon Johnny Mercer opens 15,000 Futures annual reception

Watch highlights from the 15,000 Futures annual reception which brought together representatives from government, defence and industry to share innovative strategies aimed at advancing veteran employment.
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Veteran employment initiative shortlisted in prestigious showcase of UK talent

The 15,000 Futures initiative was named as a finalist in the sixth annual British Ex-Forces in Business Awards, the UK Armed Forces community’s biggest awards ceremony.
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Veteran workforce a powerhouse of skill and potential card image


The veteran workforce is a powerhouse of skill and potential

Upon their return to civilian life, many veterans struggle to find meaningful employment. Sally Walker says businesses are missing a huge opportunity to capitalise on their unique skills.
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A new frontier for diversity in the digital workforce

Discover why veterans are the UK’s biggest untapped resource when it comes to addressing the digital skills crisis in a new report from WithYouWithMe featuring first-of-its-kind research into veteran potential.
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Learn how to hire, train and retain a veteran workforce

Mission critical: The complete guide to hiring veterans

How to build a long-lasting and impactful veteran employment program
Foreword by Sir James Everard, Former Deputy Allied Supreme
Commander, NATO & Strategic Advisor, WithYouWithMe
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Veteran hiring guide cover
Ex-Forces in Business winner

Discover how your organisation can help change 15,000 Futures for the better