A new frontier for diversity in the digital workforce

Combatting the UK's digital skills crisis with veteran potential

Each year in the UK, 15,000 servicemen and women leave the British Armed Forces and return to civilian life. Despite these individuals developing broad skillsets and unique capabilities during their service, finding a sustainable second career becomes an ongoing challenge.

Meanwhile, across the country, organisations are struggling to find and recruit people with the technological skills needed to meet the demands of the digital age. However, if these organisations were to take a new approach to workforce planning, they would discover that the roles they so badly need to fill don’t always demand past work experience and a university degree.

This report highlights the untapped potential of the UK’s veteran workforce to address the nation’s skills crisis, with compelling insights from a first-of-its-kind research study into veteran aptitude for digital skills and the IT industry.

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Key takeaways include:
  • Insights from the psychometric and aptitude testing data of more than 2,000 UK veterans over two years
  • An in-depth look at of the state of play for equity, diversity and inclusion in medium to large UK organisations
  • Why a new approach is required to address the UK’s digital skills crisis – and the crucial role of diversity in meeting the ongoing need
  • The importance of leveraging diverse individuals’ unique skills and alternate viewpoints to drive transformation in the IT sector
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