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WithYouWithMe’s online aptitude tests measure a person's cognitive ability and problem-solving skills as well as propensity to learn and apply new skills. Built in consultation with a Professor from the University of Sydney, the proprietary Computerised Adaptive Test within Potential adapts to each person’s ability as they progress, so every testing experience is unique.

What are aptitude tests?

Aptitude has been studied throughout history as a means of identifying inherent cognitive ability, understanding mental processes and measuring fluid and crystalised intelligence. Global militaries are recognised to have been early adopters, using a combination of aptitude tests to predict performance and gain a competitive advantage over enemies.

From a scientific perspective, the existence of aptitude testing can be traced back to the early twentieth century at the University of Cambridge. Since the first ever intelligence test was designed in 1905, they have exploded in popularity and are increasingly relied upon in education, employment and military contexts.

Potential revolutionises aptitude testing by providing a rich, seven-construct evaluation, far exceeding the standard aptitude trio of numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning. This groundbreaking approach captures the multidimensional nature of human aptitude, empowering a more inclusive and equitable assessment. Unlike conventional tests that offer a singular, composite score—often diluting individual strengths—our aptitude tests use distinct scores for seven critical constructs:
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Abstract reasoning
Abstract reasoning skills refer to the ability to identify the underlying logic of a pattern and then determine the solution. It is one of the best indicators of fluid intelligence and the ability to learn new things quickly.
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Digit symbol coding
Digit symbol coding is the ability to learn and implement a new coding system. It is a highly contextualised form of problem-solving, particularly relevant to data science and software engineering roles.
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Written language comprehension
Written language comprehension covers two domains: correct usage and understanding of grammar, punctuation and capitalisation and vocabulary/conceptual understanding. It is important for grasping and explaining technical subject matter.
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Numerical reasoning (data comprehension)
Numerical reasoning is the ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions based on numerical facts and figures. It reflects a person’s capacity for performing analysis on scientific and numerical charts, tables, graphs and other sources of numeric data.
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Recognition memory
Recognition memory refers to the capacity to recognise previously encountered events, objects or people. It aids ability to distinguish between novel and familiar objects or places, recall day-to-day events, plan future behaviours and use past knowledge to guide decision-making.
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Spatial reasoning
Spatial reasoning is the ability to mentally visualise, comprehend and manipulate two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. Research suggests spatial ability is a critical predictor of career success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.
Aptitude assessment - Verbal reasoning icon
Verbal reasoning
Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand, interpret and critically analyse written information. It refers to the ability to comprehend analogies, identify critical information and logically derive conclusions from written facts or data.
Fluid intelligence is the ability to think and reason abstractly, solve problems, use logic and identify patterns. Crystalised intelligence is the ability to learn from past experiences and apply background knowledge to new situations (Horn & Cattell, 1966).

Key insights provided

Using insight from the aptitude assessment, Potential gathers data on an individual’s natural cognitive abilities and personality traits and matches it to specific job roles, seniority levels and organisations.
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Our Potential platform uses a suite of aptitude and psychometric assessments to match people with digital careers based on their potential to succeed rather than their past experience.

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