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Atos puts diversity at the heart of recruitment efforts

Atos has partnered with WithYouWithMe to fix their digital skills gap by hiring diverse tech talent into their organisation. The new recruits all come from under-represented parts of society, and have been carefully selected using WYWM’s technology platform, Potential.

Northrop Grumman finds diverse new talent to help fill its digital skills gap

Northrop Grumman is deploying a proactive and creative new approach to bringing talent on board its growing business, amidst the challenging backdrop of a digital skills shortage in the market. 

BAE System's mission to increase employment for veterans

Defence powerhouse BAE Systems and WithYouWithMe share a vision and mission to employ more veterans and the wider military community, prioritising Potential over experience.

Raising a Cyber Force

WithYouWithMe partners with government agencies to deliver SaaS frameworks that build advanced cyber capabilities. By building, training and deploying a Cyber Force, we ensure nations are equipped to provide defensive and offensive responses to cyber security threats.

Building a pipeline of IT talent for the Canadian Government

As Canada grapples with declining unemployment and increased job vacancy rates, both private and public sector are forced to rethink their talent strategy to fill the growing demand for resources.

Digital skills and talent: the hard truth

Innovative cultures are misunderstood. The easy-to-like behaviours that get so much attention are only one side of the coin. They must be counter-balanced by some tougher and frankly less fun behaviours.

Performance, preference, postings and military career management

WithYouWithMe has recently partnered with an Armed Forces agency to develop a pilot program to digitally transform the way career management, performance and posting systems are handled.

The British Army – equipped and ready for the future?

Few will forget the sight of massed Russian armoured vehicles parked in the open during their aborted advance on Kiev in March, easy prey for Ukrainian tank hunting patrols.

Workforce planning: Preparing for the future, today

Workforce planning is the process an organisation uses to analyse its workforce and determine the steps it must take to meet current and future staffing needs. It also involves determining the most efficient and cost-effective methods to recruit and retain talent.

Invictus uncovered: reflections of a warrior

Nick Holyome served in the Canadian Armed Forces for more than 26 years, before being medically discharged. Now employed by veteran-led start-up WithYouWithMe, Holyome upskilled in cyber security before being deployed by WithYouWithMe into the Canadian Government.

Why does Defence make it so hard for tech start-ups to help them?

One of the best things about transitioning to a fresh career is the opportunity to talk to and learn from lots of new people.

World Youth Skills Day 2022

Minister, Sajid Javid was once ridiculed for likening the NHS to ‘Blockbuster in the age of Netflix’. Yes, this comparison / case study may have been lacking in originality, but I applaud both his honesty and the analogy because I know exactly what he meant.

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