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Streamlining migration for Ukrainian refugees

By Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Caleb Walker 
Published: May 24, 2022
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WithYouWithMe (WYWM) was approached by Aman Lara, a Canadian veteran-led not-for-profit to aid in the development of a user-friendly application assisting Ukrainian refugees with their applications to resettle in Canada.

The app allows Ukrainians fleeing the war to input their personal information and upload the necessary documentation to expedite their arrival into Canada - reducing any roadblocks that may delay entry approval.

Building solutions at super speed

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We put out a call for volunteers inside WYWM.

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We had a team of a dozen colleagues at every skill level ready to get to work building a complete front-to-back solution for the charity.

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The team used Microsoft Power Apps to build a functional prototype which will help Ukrainians resettle quickly.

Who is Aman Lara?

Aman Lara is a Canadian charitable organization founded with the goal of helping Afghan Refugees by coordinating with various Federal Agencies in Canada to speed up assistance claims.

What is the app for?

The Azure-based web application the WYWM volunteer team came up with is built to centralize Refugee information, helping Aman Lara to communicate, track and help evacuate Refugees from Ukraine, and get them safely into Canada.

How can refugees access it?

The web app was designed to be user-friendly, platform-agnostic (available on desktop and mobile) and will be translated into English, French, Ukrainian and Russian, making sure everyone has access to the help they need.

What does the future hold?

Future updates to the application, and our ongoing partnership, will assist Aman Lara to expand their reach to other parts of the world and also integrate with their existing work helping Afghan evacuees reach Canada safely.

In the media

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Find out more about WithYouWithMe’s refugee program.


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