Case studies

Our clients are our partners in changing the world for good. Together, we don’t see people as simply resources or a cost of revenue. We see people as assets. High performing individuals and teams that enable genuine business acceleration and growth. Our collection of case studies showcase some of the extraordinary inroads our clients around the world are making in this space every day.

BAE System's mission to increase employment for veterans

Defence powerhouse BAE Systems and WithYouWithMe share a vision and mission to employ more veterans and the wider military community, prioritising Potential over experience.

500 Royal Lancers to uncover hidden digital potential

The Royal Lancers are undertaking an innovative technology capability building program that could serve as a blueprint for how the entire British Army addresses its digital skills gap.

CAF OUTCAN digital portal

WithYouWithMe is assisting the Canadian Armed Forces by building a scalable digital portal for out of country staff to deliver high quality and timely administrative support to deployed members and their families.

Streamlining migration for Ukrainian refugees

WithYouWithMe and Aman Lara worked together to develop a user-friendly application that assists Ukrainian refugees with their applications to resettle in Canada.

Bridging the gap between developer and end user

WithYouWithMe recently partnered with several FVEY military organizations to build out their in-house digital capabilities to empower teams to ideate and build technology solutions that meet their evolving needs.

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