Lessons learned from Autism SA’s Inclusive Recruitment Project

Organisations are developing targeted hiring programs to build neuro-inclusive workplaces. It’s a critical step in the right direction, but how can we ensure these programs translate into meaningful careers for neurodivergent individuals?

Hiring for the future: A step-by-step guide to implementing a skills-first approach

Cia Kouparitisas unpacks the skills-first approach to talent management and how organisations can implement this approach to find and nurture workforces for the future.

Monash University defines the modern IT team with diversity

Find out how Monash University teamed up with WithYouWithMe to fill digital skills gaps in their Cyber Risk and Resilience team with diverse IT talent.

Creating digital career pathways for Indigenous youth in Canada

A new multi-year upskilling program is set to guide 100 First Nations individuals into high-demand digital roles, leveraging innovative social impact technologies and targeted IT training.

Why Australia’s recruitment process needs an overhaul

A diverse and inclusive workplace embraces different lifestyles and backgrounds, fosters leadership and creativity at every level of the organisation, and brings on board the most well-suited talent for its roles.

ACU partners with start-up to tackle digital skills crisis

WithYouWithMe is partnering with Australian Catholic University to uncover insight into Australia’s digital workforce and barriers to entry faced by diverse community groups in a bid to establish new pathways into meaningful employment.

Atos puts diversity at the heart of recruitment efforts

Atos has partnered with WithYouWithMe to fix their digital skills gap by hiring diverse tech talent into their organisation. The new recruits all come from under-represented parts of society, and have been carefully selected using WYWM’s technology platform, Potential.

Invictus uncovered: reflections of a warrior

Nick Holyome served in the Canadian Armed Forces for more than 26 years, before being medically discharged. Now employed by veteran-led start-up WithYouWithMe, Holyome upskilled in cyber security before being deployed by WithYouWithMe into the Canadian Government.

Is the CV dead?

There’s been much debate recently around the relevance of the CV recently in the modern recruitment process. In this Q&A, WithYouWithMe’s Executive Partner for Social Value Cia Kouparitsas shares why organisations are being held back by holding onto the CV as their primary recruitment tool.

Overcoming tech challenges in remote and hybrid working models

A clear by-product of the pandemic is the increased reliance we now have on technology to communicate, stay connected, and work remotely.

Why we must tackle the digital skills crisis with ferocity

As an Australian spending an extended period in Canada, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the economic optimism I’ve found here.

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