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Deploying Super Teams with EY and Capita

By Sophie Thompson 
Published: January 12, 2023
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WithYouWithMe has special partnerships in place with a number of the world's leading advisory and consulting firms to offer organisations access to 'Super Teams' to deliver large and complex technology projects to Defence and Government.

Working with EY in Canada and Capita in the UK, the alliance combines the expertise and leadership of senior consultants (from EY and Capita) with the technical experience and scalable capability of WYWM. The model has been particularly effective in the defence sector where utilising veterans with military experience contributes to a deeper understanding of internal processes and policies.

We work together strategically to capture long-term opportunities, develop fit-for-purpose solutions and deliver projects through our ready-made workforce.

The challenge

Many consultants simply build a product and hand it over, which can hamper internal adoption and inhibit the sustainable evolution of a product over its lifetime. This has resulted in products being built for the needs of an organisation at the time, without scope for changing functionality and user requirements. Furthermore, while strategic consultants have the vision to develop complex solutions, the digital skills gap has traditionally made it difficult for the projects to be seamlessly delivered.

The solution

A WYWM Super Team is made up of senior managers (from EY or Capita), and a team of trained WYWM developers and technologists to enable the delivery of large, complex projects to Defence and Government. These Super Teams allow senior consultants to drive and direct WYWM's net new talent by embedding a senior person with the skills and experience to identify opportunities, map effective roadmaps and deliver sustainable solutions. Once the solution is built, it is either handed over to the organisation, along with appropriate training, or the team of technologists can be absorbed into the organisation as permanent staff.

Building Super Teams enables us to mobilise massive talent to solve problems and transfer the solutions to the organisation.

Domain knowledge icon


Security cleared icon


Strategic mindset icon


Mission focused icon


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Super team in action

Digital Navy Super Team

EY x WYWM created a solution for the Canadian Navy – we were able to offer scalable teams of 10 to 100+

EY logo
Super team - 2 members

2 x EY members
(1 x senior product manager & 1 x cloud architect)

Depth of knowledge and strategic oversight

Super team plus

8 x WYWM Squad members
(cloud analysts and project managers)

Domain knowledge and product development

Super team fly wheel

Super team
fly wheel

The flywheel effect illustrates the accelerative actions of consistent small wins that build on each other over time. The flywheel eventually gains so much momentum that growth is self driven and sustainable.

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