Spatial, artistic and instinctive

About you

You prefer using images, colours and maps to organise information and communicate with others. You can easily visualise objects, plans and outcomes in your mind's eye. You also have a good spatial understanding and an innate sense of direction so you can easily find your way around using maps, and rarely get lost. You love drawing, scribbling and doodling, especially with colours.

GED: Visual study style

Study style

You learn best when exploring concepts visually, using pictures, spatial arrangement, colours and drawings to describe or associate concepts. You will benefit from replacing text with images and colours wherever possible.

Creating mind maps – either digitally or on paper – will allow you to better organise and understand ideas.

Learning methods

  • Use colour, spatial organisation and diagrams when recording study notes
  • Find visual means to describe key concepts including photos, drawings or maps
  • Create mind maps using colour and images in place of text
  • Colour-code your study notes to create visual links with concepts
  • Create a visual journey or story to help you memorise content that isn’t easy to ‘see’
  • Seek out diagrams where possible
  • Pin up posters or keep a whiteboard in your study room to trigger visual memory queues
GED: Visual learning methods

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