Confident, linguistic and expressive

About you

You find it easy to express yourself to others, both verbally and in writing. You love to read and write and have a large and varied vocabulary. You also know the meaning of many words, and regularly seek out the meaning of new words you come across. You enjoy tongue twisters, rhymes and poems and feel confident debating verbally with others or speaking in public.

GED: Verbal study style

Study style

You learn best when you use written or spoken words and creative language to explore ideas. Take plenty of notes while studying and regularly look back over what you've written, taking the time to read important concepts out loud.

Mnemonics and acrostics help you remember words or phrases and offer opportunities for you to be creative with language.

Learning methods

  • Explain concepts you’ve learned out loud, either to a study partner or audio recorder
  • Keep study journals and write notes
  • Read aloud when learning by written methods, using a dramatic and varied tone
  • Use mnemonics or acrostics to remember key words or phrases
  • When working with others, try role-playing or debates to explore ideas
  • Write and record scripts when learning new concepts and listen back to them later
GED: Verbal learning methods

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