Mathematical, scientific and systematic

About you

You typically work through new information and address challenges in a systematic and methodical way. In conversation, your scientific approach to thinking means you support your points with examples or statistics and you’re aware of logic flaws in other people’s words, writing or actions. You recognise patterns easily, work well with numbers and like using your brain for mathematical reasoning. You often play ‘brainteaser’ games like sudoku, backgammon or chess.

GED: Logical study style

Study style

You learn best when you have to-do lists, agendas and numerical targets to track your progress against. When faced with difficult concepts, try classifying and grouping information together to better understand it.

Map out connections between different concepts and consider the practical applications of what you’re learning as this will help you properly absorb and memorise

Learning methods

  • Identify repetitive processes for learning and absorbing new content
  • Create and use summary lists by extracting key points from learning materials
  • Make use of 'systems thinking' to explore broader concepts – try to understand the whole picture
  • Note down links between different concepts and map out connections
  • Consider the practical applications of the content – don't just rote learn
GED: Logical learning methods

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