Physical, active and energetic

About you

Your body and sense of touch help you engage with the world, and you tend to use large hand gestures or other body language to communicate. You typically enjoy sports, exercise and other physical activities such as gardening or woodwork. You like to think out issues, ideas and problems while you exercise and you’d rather go for a run or walk if something is bothering you, as opposed to sitting at home. You notice and appreciate textures, for example in clothes or furniture and you like 'getting your hands dirty,' making models or solving jigsaw puzzles.

GED: Kinesthetic study style

Study style

You learn best when you’re able to use touch, action, movement or hands-on activities to explore concepts or ideas. When engaging with a new topic or learning a skill, you prefer to jump in and explore practical applications as quickly as possible.

Having objects such as flash cards to physically touch and manipulate while you learn will help you to memorise information.

Learning methods

  • Use touch, action and hands-on activities
  • Write or draw diagrams on big pieces of paper with colourful markers
  • Use breathing techniques to focus your mind before studying
  • Try role playing – either by yourself or with others – to explore key concepts
  • Find ways to act out or simulate what you’re learning in the physical world
  • Use physical objects as much as possible including post-its or flash cards
GED: Kinesthetic learning methods

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