Solitary, independent and introspective

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Individuals with an intrapersonal or solitary learning style tend to be more private, introspective and independent. You can concentrate easily – and for longer periods of time – focusing on the task at hand. You spend time on self-analysis, and often reflect on past events and the way you approached them. You take time to ponder and assess your own accomplishments or challenges. You may keep a journal, diary or personal blog to record your thoughts.

GED: Intrapersonal study style

Study style

You learn best when working alone using self-study. If you have time with an instructor or teacher, use their expertise to clarify any information you haven't been able to clarify yourself.

Don't be afraid to consider questions like what's in this for me? Why does this matter? And, how can I use this idea? Be aware of your inner thoughts and feeling towards various topics as these have an impact on your motivation and ability to learn.

Learning methods

  • Set clear goals and objectives and make plans
  • Align learning topics with personal beliefs and values
  • Proactively build personal interest in learning topics
  • Find a quiet, solitary space where you can study uninterrupted – whether at home or a local library
  • Keep a separate learning log or journal that includes information on your thoughts and feelings about key topics
  • Set aside challenges or questions that create roadblocks to learning and clarify them with a teacher at a later date
GED: Intrapersonal learning methods

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