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I was the underemployed veteran who desperately needed to find employment that gave me a sense of purpose. I can see the tangible effect WYWM has on assisting veterans to discover a new career away from the military, giving them purpose and meaning again.

- Tim Farrow

Meet Tim

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Tim Farrow served in the British Army for eight years as a Combat Medic, administering emergency, primary, and battlefield medical treatment to deployed personnel in the United Kingdom, Germany, Cyprus, Kenya, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Tim received the Joint Commander's Commendation in 2013 for crossing a Taliban minefield to provide medical assistance to Afghan soldiers injured in an explosion.

In 2013, Tim was discharged from the British Armed Forces and became an EMT with the British Ambulance Service. Tim decided to study mental health at University while working in various construction roles. He liked the work he was doing, but it wasn't a good fit for him. Tim felt dissatisfied, because he wasn't reaching his full potential or feeling sufficiently challenged.

Tim’s journey

Tim found it challenging to find stable, meaningful employment after his time in service. It was discouraging that prospective employers perceived him differently because of his military experience and formed an incorrect assumption about his core values, talents, abilities, and limitations as a result of his time in service.

Tim learned about WYWM and after completing testing and training, he joined the team as a Customer Success Executive. He flourished in the role and has continued to grow his career and opportunities. He's recently stepped into a new position with one of WYWM's partners, JobOppo, where he continues to drive the veteran agenda.
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Tim's mission

Tim's mission is to have more veterans engaged into meaningful roles in the civilian world, so they have a brighter future. Tim is so passionate about the work that WYWM is doing to disrupt traditional hiring strategies and positively impact lives that he continues to work with the organisation in his new role at JobOppo, a UK veteran organisation.

While, Tim is no longer working as a Combat Medic - he is still a warrior, a member of the WYWM tribe, a very special community that looks out for one another. Veterans often leave the military with the best intentions of moving on and establishing a meaningful life for themselves, looking forward to the next chapter. This is sometimes a bumpy road at best.

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