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The prospect of contributing to high-impact solutions for societal challenges, such as improving access to education, fuels my enthusiasm.

- Rogelio Conde

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Meet Rogelio

Rogelio is a passionate visual artist and technologist with a keen interest in data and how it can be used to improve people’s lives. Originally from Mexico, Rogelio was part-way through studying Computer Science at the Monterrey Institute of Technology when he decided to move to the US to be with his girlfriend (and now wife) who lived in California.
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Rogelio's journey

Upon arriving in the US, Rogelio gained his work permit and picked up several contractor roles including installation of data cabling, analysing customer feedback data and supervising data entry.

Eager to find a more permanent career pathway, Rogelio decided to transfer his academic qualifications from Mexico to the US but faced barriers with unforeseen costs, bureaucracy and the time it would take for qualifications to be transferred.

It was around this time while watching hit TV show ‘Orange is the New Black’ that he learned about the GED®, the US’ most widely used and recognised high school equivalency diploma.

"Witnessing the character’s GED journeys towards hope and a brighter future sparked my curiosity and prompted me to investigate further. I decided to get my own GED and was able to complete the required tests in the span of two weeks!"
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After completing his GED, Rogelio decided to pursue further training through the GED Tech Apprenticeship program. Given he'd already gained some credentials in data, he decided to pursue the Data Analysis training pathway. 
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A new start

Following the attainment of his GED, Rogelio was invited to attend a webinar about the GED Tech Apprenticeship™ program – a social impact initiative developed by GED Testing Service and WithYouWithMe.
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The GED Tech Apprenticeship program provides every learner who goes through the GED Testing Service – around 700,000 each year – with free access to WithYouWithMe’s accredited training to upskill in high demand areas and have their skills matched to roles at leading companies in the United States.

Delving deeper into data analytics

Through the GED Tech Apprenticeship program, Rogelio completed aptitude testing which revealed he had the right skills to pursue a career in data. Having already had an introduction to databases through a course with Harvard University and obtaining a certification for data analytics through Google Learning, Rogelio was eager to dive deeper.

He decided to enter WithYouWithMe’s Data training pathway, one of 11 pathways he gained access to as part of the GED Tech Apprenticeship program. He breezed through the foundational courses and faced some interesting challenges learning data analysis skills in Excel and reporting on Microsoft Power BI.
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“The personalised support and community-driven ethos offered by WithYouWithMe, particularly through the Discord channel, have been instrumental in my journey. I appreciate the practical approach to learning, with exercises designed to simulate real-world scenarios, further enhancing my skill set.”
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Combining data with a drive to deliver education

Eager to put his new skills into action, Rogelio reached out to WithYouWithMe’s Career Success team to discuss the open roles available in the US through the GED Tech Apprenticeship program. He learned of a Data Analyst Apprentice role within GED Testing Service and was excited to put himself forward and apply.
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As a data analyst, I view myself as a modern-day detective, tasked with extracting meaningful conclusions from vast amounts of information. The prospect of contributing to high-impact solutions for societal challenges, such as improving access to education, fuels my enthusiasm.
After completing two interviews, Rogelio was selected for the role and is excited to hit the ground running, working for an iconic American institution and market-leader in education.
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A future focused on tech

Rogelio’s career aspiration is to make a meaningful contribution to the education sector by leveraging data to unlock opportunities for people like himself. He also plans to continue dedicating time to self-study in new tech areas, growing his skills and contributing to innovative problem-solving.

“I find immense excitement in the collaborative process of problem-solving within the tech industry. There's nothing quite like the thrill of experiencing ‘aha’ moments alongside my team, unraveling complexities and uncovering valuable insights.”

Rogelio’s wife has also signed up to the program and has recently completed the Digital Project Management training pathway and booked her first meeting with the Career Success team.

His story demonstrates the power of the GED Tech Apprenticeship program in creating opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of people across the US who don’t follow the traditional K – 12 education pathway but have the grit and determination to learn new skills and find meaningful careers.

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