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To Indigenous individuals; take advantage of our resources. To Indigenous organisations; work with us to help us provide benefit to your members.

- Paul Broadbent

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Meet Paul

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Paul is Métis, with links to the Saulteaux (Ojibwe) and Georgian Bay Traditional Métis communities. As a global traveller and veteran Paul leans on his bilingual ability (French/English) and Indigenous background to immerse wholeheartedly into cultures worldwide.

After a career spent abroad, Paul has returned to his roots in Canada and is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) and the Chair of the MNO Veterans Council. Paul is also a keen genealogist and a civilian volunteer with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps FALKLAND in Ottawa.
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Paul’s career journey

In 1976 Paul enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces, upon discharging from service he then emigrated to the UK in the mid 90s, where worked as a civil servant in a variety of technical roles while also serving in the British Army Reserves.

Paul returned to Canada from the UK shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic hit Canada - which had an immediate impact on his job hunting: three interviews he had scheduled for March 2020 were cancelled. After being unemployed for 9 months, Paul was hired by the Department of National Defence (DND) as a Physical Security Surveyor in Ottawa. By fate, Paul was introduced to WYWM by a military colleague whom he'd worked with decades prior.
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Upon completing WYWM testing and with a background in Cyber Security, Paul began the Cyber pathway.

WYWM recognised Paul's potential and leadership ability from the numerous roles he held in parallel employment. As a result, Paul was employed by WYWM while he completed the Cyber pathway.

The first squad Paul deployed with was back with the DND, creating training materials for their Cyber Awareness program.

Paul's second deployment was as a Security and Risk Management Advisor at Public Services and Procurement Canada's Digital Services Branch.
Currently, Paul is completing additional professional certifications and and has now progressed to a new deployment to the DND (Ottawa) as a Cyber Security Advisor.
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Breaking the cycle

Paul recognises that free lifelong education is a means to breaking the cycle of disadvantage that affects many marginalized communities. Through the WYWM Indigenous Program, all WYWM courses are available for free to Indigenous people.

As a result of his opportunity at WYWM, Paul has been able to re-establish himself in Canada after many years away. Finding employment in a hiring environment that is heavily reliant on more traditional baselines, such as a degree and effective CV was an additional challenge for Paul. The WYWM Discover/Train/Deploy/Grow model has enabled Paul to fulfil his infinite potential.

Paul's goals for the future are simple: to continue working professionally and effectively as an asset to his employers and continue to contribute to his Indigenous community.

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