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The squad was there for me with support and guidance.

- Pablo Quintana

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Pablo Quintana

Meet Pablo

A former sailor in the Royal Australian Navy, Pablo found it difficult to adjust to anything new after he left the navy and transitioned into life as a civilian. Pablo had a difficult time finding steady employment, and had tried everything from working as a cook in a café to becoming a cleaner and even considering working at a fast-food restaurant.
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Pablo’s journey

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After discovering WithYouWithMe and learning about their partnership with Pega, Pablo was impressed. He didn't think he'd be paid to learn and upskill in their low-code platform, then be offered a job after completing the training. It felt almost too good to be true.
Pablo was one of the original Pega squad members deployed to work with Pega.

Preparation meets determination

Pablo did not pass his first attempt at the Pega Systems Architect Certfication. He came up short by one point. However, with the support, encouragement, and advice of his Squad, Pablo felt prepared to retake the test within 7 days. Pablo successfully passed the test.
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Pablo is just 1 of the over 1,600 Veteran's WithYouWithMe has trained and is 1 of the 1,380 Veterans who have been placed directly into paid employment.
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The recipe for success!

Pablo is Pega System Architect Certified and a Pega Business Architect. Pablo flourished because he was given the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities and become a part of something much larger than he could have ever imagined. The squad was there for him, offering encouragement and guidance every step of the way. They helped Pablo study but also make sense of the learning materials.
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