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I’ve gained so much confidence in myself and my potential to understand concepts which I previously would have found way too complicated.

- OlgaCôté

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Olga Côté

Meet Olga

Olga immigrated to Canada from Ukraine in 2006 to be with her husband who worked for the Canadian Navy. Upon arriving she found it hard to commit to a career as there was always the possibility of a sudden move.

Despite having a strong professional background in creating and teaching university education courses and instructional design in Ukraine, Olga faced challenges breaking into higher paying roles in Canada as her training wasn’t undertaken locally. 

With her focus firmly on supporting her family, she found she didn’t have the time or money to invest in obtaining a new university degree.

Initially Olga didn’t consider the technology sector an option as in her view it was inaccessible and reserved only for ‘super smart nerdy guys’.

After learning about WithYouWithMe’s training courses, Olga found her assumptions were anything but true.
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“When I moved to Canada I had to scale back on my career and I found myself stuck in roles with little growth potential.”

Olga's journey

Olga’s husband initially found out about WYWM from his new employer in Canada and suggested she investigate the free technology training available for military spouses.

Although starting a new career at the age of 44 seemed like a daunting prospect, Olga took a chance hoping her actions would inspire other women and young people – including her children – to be fierce, brave and try something new.

Completing WYWM’s Potential aptitude test was a revelation for Olga, as she found she showed strong potential to become a Data Engineer, Cyber Analyst or Data Scientist.
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The recipe for success!

Olga completed the Data pathway at her own pace while raising a new baby and moving across the country. She also acquired two Microsoft Certificates (AZ900, DP900) and is currently working towards her third certification (PL300).

Following her training, Olga was deployed as part of a squad into the Canadian Federal Government, where she secured a role as a Project Coordinator for Employment and Social Development Canada.

A commitment to continuous learning

Motivated by the thrill of learning new skills, Olga has continued her training by undertaking a series of bootcamps and additional certifications to ensure she continues to be successful in her role and sets herself up for further opportunities.
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“I’m so grateful to WithYouWithMe for providing free certification, great training and solid guidance on how to learn and where to find resources.”

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