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The testing guided me to better understand where my strengths lay and which transferrable skills I could draw on from my time in the Armed Forces.

- Lea Davidson

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Meet Lea

Lea is a three-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces where she worked as a Logistics Officer. During her service, Lea enjoyed technical work and problem solving so upon leaving the Armed Forces, she decided to pivot to a career in tech.
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Lea's journey

Lea found out about WithYouWithMe while searching for roles in the technology sector that provided candidates with digital skills training. While she had had a foundational understanding of logistics from her time in the Army, Lea felt she didn’t have enough experience to begin a career straight away.

After signing up for the Potential platform, Lea completed her psychometric and aptitude testing which revealed she was well-suited to a career in software development.

Following Lea’s testing, she was selected as part of a cohort of individuals who would be trained in application development through a partnership between WithYouWithMe and leading technology solutions provider ServiceNow.
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“The testing guided me to better understand where my strengths lay and which transferrable skills I could draw on from my time in the Armed Forces.”
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Shifting focus to ServiceNow

Lea began training on the ServiceNow platform to become an Administrator and Developer. Alongside her colleagues, she was set to be deployed into large-scale projects as needed.

“The training courses on the ServiceNow platform allowed me to have a structured plan and direction for my career. They also gave me the basic knowledge and confidence to start my role as an Administrator and Developer.”

Since completing her training, Lea has been deployed on a number of projects for ServiceNow, gaining real-world experience in application development and enhancing her skillset even further.

“I feel empowered and confident in my new role. Being part of a team and having the support of WithYouWithMe and the veteran community throughout this transition has made the whole process much less intimidating.”
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ServiceNow is a global technology company that helps organisations automate and optimise processes, connect data and remove silos. In partnership with WithYouWithMe, ServiceNow offers individuals free training to build in-demand skills on their Now platform.
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My advice to anyone thinking about joining WithYouWithMe is not to think too much. Instead, jump right in and start taking the free training courses to see if technology is something you enjoy.
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