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I was excited to be part of something new with the company, helping build relationships and add value by realising my potential.

- David Comeau

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Meet David

David joined the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada as an Infantryman Reservist in 2014 and continues to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in the same capacity.

During his most recent contract with the Armed Forces Reserves, he had the opportunity to work as an Information Management Support Technician for a Communications department, despite having no prior education or experience.

He enjoyed working with clients and challenging himself to solve problems by coming up with creative solutions that hadn’t been tried before. Through this role he developed confidence in his transferrable skills and an interest in entering the private tech sector.
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David's journey

During his last posting, a colleague of David’s mentioned WithYouWithMe and how they were helping veterans develop their tech skills then break into the industry. He decided to sign up and complete his testing, which revealed he had the aptitude for being a Software Developer or a Service Desk Analyst.

“Given my testing matched the career I was interested in, I enrolled in the Software Development pathway. I really enjoyed building things online and seeing my changes implemented by users daily.”

As part of the Software Development pathway, David completed courses on JavaScript, CSS and HTML, enhancing his skillset and developing the capabilities sought after by employers and clients. He enjoyed working with WithYouWithMe’s instructors and the broader user community, many of whom are also veterans.
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“Working on these courses alongside with others who have similar experiences transitioning to the private sector from the Armed Forces made the process really enjoyable and easy for me.”
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Learning software development at ServiceNow

David was the first person selected to join a cohort of Developers who would be offered free training on ServiceNow’s ‘Now’ platform.

“I had never heard of ServiceNow prior to WithYouWithMe but it became clear from my research that their platform is used by thousands of companies worldwide, meaning they could create a clear and attainable long-term career for me.”

“I was excited to be part of something new with the company, helping build relationships and add value by realising my potential.”
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ServiceNow is a leading global technology company that helps organisations automate and optimise processes, connect data and remove silos. In partnership with WithYouWithMe, ServiceNow offers individuals free training to build in-demand skills on their Now platform.
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Embracing the challenge

Now fully trained, David and his team are being deployed across specific software projects for a broad range of ServiceNow’s global clients, but there are always opportunities to continue upskilling in other areas of the platform – something David is eager to embrace.

“Challenging yourself to try something new leads you to being uncomfortable. But being uncomfortable is a great feeling, especially when you don’t know something as it gives you an opportunity to learn and share that with your team. This builds a stronger team and improves your skillset.”

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