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I loved that there was free courses I could tackle in my own time and gain certifications.

- Alex Eley

Creator iconAlex Eley

Meet Alex

Alex is a British Army veteran who also worked directly with the UK Ministry of Defence. Alex began his military career as a Junior Communications Engineer and won the Brigade Commanders Commendation for Exemplary Operational Service from the UK Ministry of Defence in 2010 for exceeding professional work ethic and technical aptitude expectations in the field of Engineering.

From there, Alex held various positions such as Communications Systems Operator and Electronic Countermeasure Specialist. In 2016, Alex shifted to a full-time position as an Information Technology Project Engineer with the Ministry of Defence, where he remained until his 2017 discharge.
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Alex's journey

Alex worked in several industries after leaving the UK Ministry of Defence. Prior to connecting with WithYouWithMe, Alex had been working in the Steel industry, then as a Personal Trainer, as well as an Uber Eats and Just Eat delivery driver to make ends meet.

While looking for more stable work, Alex was interacting with the UK veteran community. Eventually, he was introduced to WithYouWithMe. Alex appreciated that WYWM were offering free courses that he could complete in his own time and earn industry-recognised certifications.
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Alex was on his way to finding meaningful work after receiving support and encouragement from the UK Veteran community.

Free training, 
then certified.

Alex started training in the Project Management Pipeline, and upon completion, he received his Project Officer Certification. From there he was offered an interview with Accenture, which he accepted. He was placed on the low code Pega Business Architect pipeline.

Alex earned his certification and is now Pega System Architect Certified and a Pega Business Architect. He obtained these certifications courtesy of WYWM's free training courses.
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Alex is currently working as a Pega Business Architect for Accenture UK.
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The recipe for success!

Alex is Pega System Architect Certified and a Pega Business Architect. He is also a certified Project Management Officer. Currently, he works as a Pega Business Architect for Accenture UK while studying for his Senior Architect Qualification and aspires to be a Project Leader. Keen to soak up as much information as possible, Alex is determined to gain real consultancy experience and continue consulting over the next 12 months.
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