From National Cyber Force to National Cyber Competence

Bringing people to the forefront

With achieving the priorities of AUKUS high on the national agenda, former GCHQ Director of Cyber Sally Walker is sharing her insights into how Australia and the UK can learn from each other to address AUKUS’ second pillar of establishing near-term capability in cyber.

In her paper ‘Unlocking cyber capability for the digital age: from National Cyber Force to National Cyber Competence’, Sally reflects on her time building the UK Cyber Force – and the impact it has had on the UK’s cyber resilience – and shares her unique perspective into how government and business can build cyber teams. She also discusses how industry, business and government can unlock strategic resilience by taking an innovative approach to capability development and workforce optimisation.

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Key take aways include:
  • The importance of shaping a productive and sustainable relationship with technology, for a better world, starting with the history of intelligence / Bletchley skills crisis and how the early origins of Cyber Security recognised a critical need for government-industry partnership.
  • The evolution of tech solutions for a smarter world, the idea of being ‘secure by default’ and establishing cyber essentials for the people.
  • The experience of setting up the UK’s National Cyber Force – and how world outcomes are being shaped by the most diverse skillset possible, using all ideas, talents and contributions. And why we can’t stop there.
  • Why the defining challenge of the cyber era is the recruitment of talent. Leaders often think cyber is a tech problem – but it’s a people problem. We cannot be resilient or meet the requirements of the future with the current approach to building cyber capability.

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Cyber report background image