Sir James Everard

Sir James Everard is a distinguished senior military leader and accomplished strategist with an impressive track record of leading, directing, and training large national and multi-national military organisations. He has a wealth of experience in Joint Operations Planning, Operational Design, Cooperative Security, Military Preparedness and Readiness.
Sir James Everard
Throughout his career, Sir James has been actively involved in NATO's strategic planning and crisis response efforts. He has played a key role in the development of the NATO Crisis Response System, the NATO Readiness Initiative, the adapted-NATO Response Force, Hybrid/New Generation Warfare, 21st Century Deterrence, Joint Action, and the evolution to the Multi Domain Battle. His insights and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the organization's response to emerging threats and challenges.

In his final appointment, Sir James served as the Deputy Supreme Allied Command Europe (DSACEUR), where he played a critical role in strengthening NATO's collective defense and deterrence capabilities. He was responsible for overseeing a wide range of military operations and activities, including training, exercises, and crisis response.

Upon retirement, Sir James assumed the role of Lead Senior Mentor, Allied Command Operations, where he continues to provide invaluable guidance and mentorship to military leaders and personnel across the organisation. His extensive knowledge and expertise have earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and peers, both in the UK and abroad.

Sir James's dedication to serving his country and protecting its interests is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the highest ideals of military service. He is widely regarded as one of the most respected and accomplished military leaders of his generation, and his contributions to the field of military strategy and operations are sure to be felt for years to come.

Media coverage

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General Sir James Rupert Everard KCB CBE

“We talk a lot about equality and diversity now, but it was instinctive even then in the 17th / 21st Lancers. No one cared about race, colour, creed or sexuality. Individual excellence was applauded, but seen as secondary to your commitment to the greater good of collective achievement.”
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Podcast interviews

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Ben Morton Leadership Podcast

General Sir James Rupert Everard

Ben Morton: “this is a truly fascinating episode not least because James’ experience ranges from leading 11 soldiers and 3 tanks to tens of thousands of troops and having influence over millions.”
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General Talk

General Talk with General Sir James Everard

On being asked about his new position as patron of the LGBT+ forum: “It’s a demonstration of intent if you have people that are going places looking after these [LGBT+] issues, as opposed to diversity being parked with the lowest tier and the lowest staff member.”
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Video interviews and events

Sir James Everard visits the NATO C2COE card image

The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence

Sir James Everard visits the NATO C2COE

Sir Everard, former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR), was welcomed to the centre for a discussion on Command and Control and Multi-Domain Operations to further concentrate effort and support between the NATO C2COE and the ACO Senior Mentor Programme.
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Covid-19 Euro Atlantic - Sir James Everard

London School of Economics and Political Science

COVID-19 and its Impact on Euro Atlantic Security

Sir James Everard participated in an expert panel discussing the future of NATO and the critical US/Europe security partnership from which the western alliance draws its strength.
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London School of Economics and Political Science

NATO's 2022 Strategic Concept: Matching Ambition with Reality

Sir James Everard participated in a discussion hosted by LSE IDEAS in July 2022 on NATO’s 2030 Strategic Concept which informed LSE’s Strategic Update paper.
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