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We use technology to help federal, local and state governments around the world recruit diverse talent into public sector positions, develop digital capabilities and retain high-performing, apolitical teams.
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We enable governments to build future-proof, skills-based workforces.

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Our merit-based recruitment approach offers access to a public service-ready talent pool of technologists from diverse backgrounds on a temporary to permanent basis.
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Digital skills training

Our rapid training programs improve public servants’ digital literacy and enhance specialist technical skills across 11 SFIA-aligned pathways.
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Mobility & retention

We partner with governments to map workforce skills at scale and create customised internal career pathways to mobilise and retain talent.

Our technology supports merit-based selection for public service roles

Potential offers an unbiased method for matching individuals to open roles based on merit. Applicable to both internal and external candidates, this approach considers technical skills, skill potential and aptitude in areas like problem-solving, leadership and strategy.

Our approach ensures government partners hire the person best suited to the role, based on both their ability to perform the job and potential contribution to the workforce, while ensuring equal access to opportunity for individuals from all backgrounds.

SFIA skills assessment

We identify an individual’s skills in-line with the globally recognised Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) and then match them against public sector role requirements.
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WithYouWithMe es un Socio Global Acreditado de la Fundación SFIA

La Fundación Marco de Cualificaciones para la Era de la Información (SFIA) elabora el marco global de cualificaciones y competencias para el mundo digital reconocido por la industria. Define las competencias que necesitan los profesionales de la empresa y la tecnología de todos los niveles para diseñar, implantar, gestionar y proteger los datos y la tecnología.

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Culture fit assessment

Our market-leading psychometric and aptitude assessment measures an individual’s personality type, working style and leadership traits to establish their suitability for a role in public service.

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See our government recruitment program in action: Olga’s journey into IT

WithYouWithMe success story - Olga Côté

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Enhancing diversity and inclusion

We are a social impact company dedicated to solving digital skills challenges while creating meaningful career opportunities for people from underrepresented backgrounds including veterans, Indigenous Peoples, neurodivergent individuals, refugees and women in tech.

Alongside our government partners, we seek to build diverse and inclusive workforces that reflect the communities they serve. Explore our workforce diversity reports, packed with relevant insights on enabling inclusive hiring and guidance on practices to effectively drive DE&I initiatives.
Enabling talent mobility

Enabling talent mobility

Mapping public sector workforces against SFIA provides government organisations with a clear view of the skills they have and the skills they need to deliver services into the future.

With these insights, we create internal mobility pathways that ensure talent is retained and mobilised across public sector verticals. Clearer career progression opportunities lead to greater employee engagement and retention.

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Innovation and technological progress are making it essential for governments to digitally transform – meaning digital skills are a now must-have for many public servants.

We provide a range of options for rapidly upskilling workforces across in-demand technology areas including data analytics, digital project management and cyber security.
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Raising a robust cyber force

Raising a robust cyber force

Cyber-attacks have become the tool of choice for malicious actors to gain proprietary intellectual property and gather personal data. This increases the risk and severity of disruption to integral government and civil infrastructure, information and security.

We partner with governments to rapidly build, train and deploy cyber forces, equipped to provide defensive and offensive responses to cyber security threats.
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Federal, state and local governments around the world are already benefiting from our technology-led approach

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Creación de cibercapacidades sólidas desde la base

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Carrera digital del Gobierno de Queensland - imagen de tarjeta

New program seeking diverse Queenslanders to fill state's digital skills gaps

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Imagen de la tarjeta del blog de EY, Capita y WYWM

Deploying Super Teams of staff with EY and Capita

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