Project Sierra:
FREE* Cyber Security Training Valued at $3,000 for 100 Uni Students.

We are no longer accepting candidates for the September Cohort, of our cyber training course for a student trial*. You may still sign up and complete the testing to be considered for future cohorts plus go into the runnings to win a FREE* study trip to Greece – click on the banner above for more details.
*Must be currently studying an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree at an Australian University, or have graduated in the last 12 months to take part. Students need to complete all online testing to be eligible and the top 100 performing students will be selected for free training.

Why is our course different?

Learn cyberwarfare and ethical hacking from military veterans.

This course is a fantastic precursor to blue team (defence) or red team (offence) training in Australia and you will be learning from military veterans who previously defended Australia against cyber attacks. We train in the hard skills required by companies, positioning you to become the most competitive talent in the job market.

New Cohort Coming Soon

Testing portal opens. Approx. 1 hour to complete a selection of tests.

New Cohort Coming Soon

Testing portal closes and successful students are enrolled in our Academy.

New Cohort Coming Soon

WYWM Cyber Analyst Course opens online for students.
Don’t miss out

Only 100 initial course places available.

WithYouWithMe is aptitude testing all students who enlist and 100 will be selected to undertake our initial free training course. The testing only takes an hour to complete online.

How it works

Online & Flexible

1 on 1 tuition with a military mentor. All online.  Learn to think, defend and act. This course will equip you to be part of Australia’s critical security operations centres.

Academic credit

Recognition of Prior Learning (Academic Credit) at Western Sydney University

Graduates of the WithYouWithMe cyber security analyst course and penetration testing course will qualify for recognition of prior learning (known as Advanced Standing) of 20 credit points (10 specified and 10 unspecified) for application against an Undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University.
This Recognition of Prior Learning can be applied for during the enrolment process. 
Course instructors

Mary-Jane Phillips

Ex-Army Reserve, MBA, CISSP®, and WYWM Cyber Project Manager.

Karl Jensen

Ex-Navy Veteran and WYWM Cyber Manager, previously worked for BAE.

Zach McLeod

Ex-Army Veteran and WYWM Cyber Instructor.
Employment potential

Links to our partner employers

Not only are we looking to hire student graduates at WithYouWithMe, we also have links to 100+ leading Australian employers. Students who excel will have the opportunity to meet with our partners and also receive interview coaching and CV support from the WithYouWithMe team.

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