How do your EDI practices stack up?

WithYouWithMe has partnered with YouGov to undertake research into the ED&I practices of UK organisations - and uncovered some surprising results.

More than 500 British managers contributed to this report, which includes key benchmarks and recommendations for best-practice approaches your workplace can put into action today.
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What's inside

In 2022, businesses and government agencies understand that "equality", "diversity" and "inclusion" are more than just human resources buzzwords. They are critical in building an engaged workplace that's more productive and innovative, and less likely to leave, than their homogenous counterparts. As a result, organisations are making efforts to increase Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) in the workplace.

In this report, you will find the key numbers and research you need to know to help build a more equitable workplace.
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References & CV's

62% of organisations use reference checks, resumes and cover letters to screen job applicants, but only 11% use psychometric or aptitude tests for applicant screening.
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Training on ED&I

4 in 10 managers have no formal training on inclusive hiring prior to interviewing applicants.
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Hiring process

32% of managers say that their organisation has a highly standardised hiring process that is uniform for all applicants and positions.

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