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Solve has been forged to showcase world-leading partnerships, people and organisations that are changing the way we work and the environments we work in.

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Solve - issue 6 - What's inside
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Learning insights set to transform study for GED®

Each year, more than 700,000 individuals in the US sign to earn the world’s most recognised higher secondary certificate – the GED. These students will soon have access to powerful insights to help them achieve success, thanks to a new initiative aimed at improving learning outcomes.

Fujitsu unearths quiet talent and boosts internal hiring by 15%

1.2 million. That’s the estimated number of technology roles that are needed to drive growth in the Australian technology sector between now and 2030. To bridge this digital skills gap, Fujitsu is turning inwards. They’re upskilling their internal talent pool to equip them to step into high-demand tech roles – and they have some ambitious targets in mind.
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How to accelerate productivity with data-driven, personalised management

The traditional view of workplace productivity is that in-person equals performance. A sudden shift to remote working challenged this assumption and now that flexible working models have been normalised, the traditional one-size-fits-all approaches to managing people and maintaining productivity are no longer effective.

So how can leaders get the best from their people while keeping them engaged, satisfied and thriving?

Inside the creation of GCHQ’s UK Cyber Force

A digitally enabled society has an ever-increasing vulnerability landscape. The same applies to the whole of government, including defence. The technical insight needed to understand this vast array of tech-controlled systems and capabilities is much broader than comms and codes.

Former GCHQ Director of Cyber, Sally Walker uses her technical expertise to unpack lessons all organisations can learn from the creation of the UK’s Cyber Force.
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Monash University defines the modern IT team with diversity

Australia’s Monash University, a global leader in research and education, teamed up with WithYouWithMe to address digital skills gaps in their Cyber Risk and Resilience Team with diverse IT talent.

The program has already made strides in strengthening Monash’s IT workforce with a more cohesive culture of unique skills, ideas and viewpoints.

The next generation of digital skills: Creating tech pathways for Indigenous youth in Canada

A new multi-year Indigenous upskilling program is set to guide 100 First Nations individuals into high-demand digital roles leveraging innovative technologies and targeted IT training. Delivered in partnership with the Indigenous Friends Association and WithYouWithMe, the program will connect youth from the IndigiTECH Mentorship Program with prospective employers and provide them with the training required to succeed in digital careers.
Creating tech pathways for Indigenous youth in Canada

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