We started three years ago with one clear mission- helping solve veteran underemployment and unemployment. Since that first year, we have helped thousands and we are continuously working to help more.

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I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks for inviting me along to the National Career Expo that you so brilliantly organised and co-ordinated.

All of your staff involved should be commended on how well the day was constructed and facilitated. The expo gave me an opportunity to gain invaluable insight to recruitment processes of private industry and dispelled many misconceptions I previously held about transferability and recognition of my skill set. The Expo also gave me an opportunity to network with prospective companies in employment roles and opportunities for the future. I was also able to connect with a few people I had previously lost contact with over the years.

I thought the construct and format of the day was extremely well thought out. It gave participants the opportunity to attend the information sessions, and network with industry in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Your ability to incorporate interviews with attending industry representatives in the afternoon I feel was pivotal to the success of the day.

I must confess I approached the day with an open mind and did not hold any pre-conceived notions of how the day would run. By mid-morning, I felt that regardless of events to come, I had already learned and gained so much from an opportunity that had been presented to me. I say with no hesitation that from my point of view, the day was an absolute success and one of the best days I have had in months. Ned

I have been working with Randstad now since mid January and enjoying the challenge and the sense of belonging. My biggest fear in leaving defence was that I would not feel worthy or be able to fit in like I did in Defence. I was wrong. Since meeting with WYWM  they made me realise that my skills were very attractive and helped me along the way in me finding a place in Recruitment. An industry I thought I would never be involved in… But here I am working for Randstad and thoroughly enjoying it. I highly recommend WYWM to any member of defence looking to transition. They made the process simple and definately took away the stress factor and made it enjoyable Kyle

I felt like I had no direction or option but to stay in defence for a few more years. Then I reached out to WYWM and I was assisted by them to realise my potential outside of defence. 4 months into my new role at Randstad and I’ve already received my first promotion and am loving every single day! Big thanks to the team at WYWM for pushing me to get where I am today. Jonathon

The shared organisational vision and sincerity I experienced (from the top of the organisation down to the operators) is the only reason I have finally found stability and professional fulfillment in my new placement. WYWM’s personnel were able to connect me with a company that I otherwise would’ve never considered, in addition to gainful employment, and (most importantly) an environment of cultural fit. They managed to do all of this with someone who was half-hearted/disenchanted during the process. Geoffrey

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