Helping parents re-enter the workforce.

The time you invest in starting a family shouldn’t impact your ability to find a challenging and rewarding role.

At WithYouWithMe, we align individuals to new careers and offer online short courses for in-demand jobs.  We also have real opportunities with leading employers that offer flexibility – and security.

We recognise the potential that being a parent uncovers. So what are you waiting for? Free pilot program open for a limited time! 

About Us

WithYouWithMe is a 360 degree career coaching company, specialising in the future of work and matching individuals to real roles in the job market. Initially working with military veterans, we are now expanding and running a pilot program for return-to-work parents.

Flexible Online Training

We run our academy courses face-to-face and online, with flexible training packages available across a number of industries including sales, recruitment, IT, cyber security, robotic process automation and digital marketing.

We actively campaign against checkbox recruiting

Sick of job ads that ask for unrealistic qualifications and experience? We want to help you find flexible work arrangements with employers that value enthusiasm and a willingness to learn?

Train fast and find work fast.

The initial career matching process only takes an hour online. After that, the training is self-paced and with courses as short as 40 hours online, we can have you trained and interviewing with our partner employers in a matter of weeks.

Alternatively – take your time and explore your options if you are not in a rush!


Our online portal matches your personality and capability to job pathways and training that are the best fit for you as an individual. A real human will also talk to your over the phone, explaining your results and opportunities available.

Things we believe

As a parent, you acquire and perfect a whole barrage of highly employable skills and qualities such as;

– Project & Crisis Management
– Problem-Solving
– Communication & Negotiation
– The Ability to Influence
– Creativity & Mentoring

If we can train you for the most in-demand skills, you become the most competitive talent in the market.

PLUS, it’s all about who you know and we’ll help you re-energise and build new networks.

- WithYouWithMe

Free career -testing and initial coaching call  for a limited time only

Learning new skills takes courage and grit. Interested?