Sales & Recruitment

I like to win, I’m a story teller, I’m persistent and I never give up. I like to work fast, move fast and prefer freedom over structure. I have always asked for forgiveness never permission and I like to hunt. I can make an impact fast and control my schedule. Most CEOs start as me.

I’m a talker and a hunter. 
I’m a Sales Representative.

Time 2 – 5 weeks online

Date Available now

Cost Free for veterans

This role is well suited to any rank from any service or position. However, this is very well suited to those coming from a Combat or Combat related role. Your starting salary and position within Sales will be very dependent on your rank and previous non-military experience. There is no need for prior study, just the right attitude and aptitude.
Potential Income: $50-100k base + $25K-75k commission structure

Job Stability: Good

Barriers to Entry: Nil

Current Employability:  High

Future Employability: High

Locations: Every major city and satellites

Titles: Inside Sales Rep, Account Executive, Account Manager

Companies: Amazon, SAP, Randstad and many more

A Sales Representative is a well known position and is responsible for the selling of services or products on behalf of a company or client. What is less well known about Sales Representatives is its potential as a career pathway. According to Forbes, 1 in 5 Fortune 500 Companies CEOs started in
Sales roles, whilst only 1 in 20 CEOs came from a Consulting background.

A Sales Representative has strong communication skills and is capable of building relationships, whilst enjoying helping customers succeed. You will need to be good at juggling multiple priorities and managing your time to work on multiple deals simultaneously. It is important to have a natural sense of competition and enjoy the thrill of winning, whilst having persistence and attention to detail will help you to overcome obstacles in reaching your goals.


We up-skill for free to bridge skills gaps so chat to a WithYouWithMe career consultant if you are unsure about anything listed here. 

  • Developing, generating and nurturing leads – identify and build a pipeline of business.
  • Qualifying and developing sales leads, and responding to product inquiries.
  • Developing and running email campaigns/events to generate new sales prospects.
  • Appointment setting – scheduling demonstrations between Account Executives and potential customers.
  • Confident – a highly motivated individual with a competitive personality and strong attention to detail.
  • Success-orientated – excellent academic qualifications and demonstrated success overachieving against professional and personal goals.
  • Communication skills – exceptional interpersonal communication skills and superior organisational skills.
  • Display passion, integrity and teamwork.
  • Influence – storyteller who can build rapport and relationships.

Proudly recruiting veterans through this pathway: