Agile Project Management

I take control, I deal with conflict well and I’m calm under pressure. I win stakeholders, and I communicate the short and long term goals well. I act and make decisions. I enjoy technology and can motivate individuals to create team momentum. I understand the value of testing and checking for bugs.

I see value in creating the backlog and I strive for the perfect product in optimum time. I’m an Agile Project Manager.


Time 2 – 5 weeks online

Date Available now

Cost Free for veterans


Agile Project Management is suited to SNCOs and Officers or IT related JNCOs who have strong leadership and managerial skills, enjoy working in a team environment and are goal orientated.


Potential Income: $118,000 – $176,000

Job Stability: Low.

Barriers to Entry: Low.

Current Employability: High.

Future Employability: High.

Locations: Cities of + 600,000 population.

Titles: Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master and Scrum Leader.

Companies: DXC Technology Westpac, NAB, Qantas, Accenture.

A Project Manager is responsible for the effective and efficient management of a project. Agile however, is a type of project management methodology. Agile is fast paced and exciting and is the most commonly used method across most industries.

A successful Agile Project Manager will have the following attributes:

  • Work well under pressure and are comfortable with adapting in dynamic environments.
  • The ability to shift readily between the “big picture” and the small-but-crucial details, knowing when and what the priority is.
  • Build and enhance professional relationship skills needed to develop trust and communication among all of a project’s stakeholders.
  • Ability to use various techniques and methods to collate interdependent activities into tasks and sub-tasks that are documented, monitored and controlled.
  • Ability to adapt their approach to the context and constraints of each project, knowing that no “one size” can fit all the variety of projects.
  • Ability to bring the best out in a team and develop individuals through teaching and developing training through reviews at project completion.

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  • Procurement and contract management.
  • Promote the principles of risk management as applied to procurement projects, to identify and mitigate risk.
  • Implement effective governance arrangements to monitor provider, supplier and contractor performance against contracted deliverables and outcomes.
  • Implement effective stakeholder engagement and communications strategy for all stages of projects.
  • Represent the organisation in the resolution of complex/sensitive disputes with providers, suppliers and contractors.
  • Prepare the scope and business cases for more ambiguous or complex projects including cost and resource impacts.
  • Monitor the completion of projects and implement effective and rigorous project evaluation methodologies to inform future planning.
  • Develop effective strategies to remedy variances from project plans, and minimise impacts.
  • Manage transitions between project stages and ensure that changes are consistent with organisational goals.
  • Understand and utilise current project management technologies congruent to industry.